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Home Health  |  3520 EXECUTIVE CENTER DRIVE SUITE G100, AUSTIN, TX 78731
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  • Nursing Care Services
  • Physical Therapy Services
  • Occupational Therapy Services
  • Speech Pathology Services
  • Medical Social Services
  • Home Health Aide Services
  • Hospice Services
  • Laboratory Services
  • Pharmacy Services

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Carolyn Smith

Submitted on Feb 26, 2018

My mom was on service with Texas Home Health Hospice. I have nothing but good things to say about Texas Home Health Hospice. My moms nurse Dejuree was an angel, she was very kind to my mom and my entire family. Our aide Stephanie was very gentle with my mom especially during the time of her passing. She cleaned her up and made my mom feel beautiful. Clara our social worker was very kind and knowledgeable. We cant thank you enough for all your support!

Joanne Salas

Submitted on Aug 20, 2017

I have very mixed feelings about the hospice services my family received from Texas Home Health. Miscommunication between their nurses resulted in my father being taken off a medication for PTSD for a week resulting in him becoming very depressed. Stephanie, the social worker assigned to my father provided poor services. On her initial visit, all she did was to ask my father whether he had planned his funeral and whether he was interested in a veteran's funeral service. This question upset my father. Two weeks later, when we called hospice to let them know we were taking my father to the hospital because we could no longer care for him at home they discouraged us from doing this and sent Stephanie to help us find a few days of respite care while we found care for my Dad. She arranged for him to stay at Senior Care of Onion Creek, for up to five days. We expressed concern because of the facility's low ratings on reviews. She assured us it was a good place and said she was sure we would be happy with the care there. Our experience there was a nightmare. My Dad died early the following afternoon. (we did not leave him alone the entire time he was there). The social worker misled us. Toby, the hospice nurse, who came about an hour before my Dad died, was empathic and stayed after my Dad passed to get him cleaned. I very much appreciate his assistance. Overall, I would not recommend Texas Home Health for hospice care.

Bridgette Moore

Submitted on Dec 16, 2017

Not the best company to go with if you are a LGBT person I'm a client with this company and had a very bad experience with one of there RN name Tim he had a very bad attitude the last time he came out to see me and I had another caseworker that was seeing me the same time that the RN Tim was there he went off with a bad attitude when I was seeing my caseworker the same time he was out seeing me he text me last night saying he would be out today to see me and I text back asking for Tim not to come out with a attitude again like he did last time and because I did that he transferred me to a new RN and never did come out to see me today I call the office about it and reported it but they just took up for there RN Tim saying that his safety was at risk and I ask why was that because I never threatening him so I was asking why he would say that his safety was at risk they couldn't give me a answer then I ask if it was because I was LGBT and then they said that it was because of that and that it was not a good idea for there staff to be in that spot I don't think that was right for that to happen because LGBT or not I'm still a person who should be treated with respect from there staff and I was not treated with respect by RN Tim that works for that company the only one that has treat me with respect from that company was LVN Terry if I was you I would go with another company if you are a LGBT person but if you can't then I would let them know not to send out RN Tim with that company because RN Tim don't like people who are LGBT I was you I would ask for LVN Terry with that company because he is very nice and very respectful to client I never had a problem with LVN Terry with the company LVN Terry is the very best that the company has working for them well LVN Terry came out today and told me that Texas home health was going to drop me from there company I call the state and I have reported Texas home health company to the state because of it if I was you don't go with Texas home health company because there are a very bad company to hook up with don't waste your time with them

Marie Fininen

Submitted on Jul 3, 2017

I have been working with Texas home health for some time and it's a very great place to work only if you have the time for the love one's who relly needs us few good people to give a helping hands to make a person day.

Kenneth Adair

Submitted on Apr 13, 2017

Horrible experience, my wound went downhill because nursing wasn't using the right wound vac kits for 3 weeks. The main nurse assured me she's wound vac certified, but if that were true she would have known from the start and everything would have went smooth. Thank God I watched a a wound vac video which the prompted me to call wound vac company that figured out my problem. It's just sad as a patient to trust your nurse who is filling you full of bull and not listening instead of taking the time to address the problem.

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