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Home Health  |  13416 NORTH 32ND STREET, SUITE 109, PHOENIX, AZ 85032
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Joint Commission Accreditation

Services Provided

  • Nursing Care Services
  • Physical Therapy Services
  • Occupational Therapy Services
  • Speech Pathology Services
  • Medical Social Services
  • Home Health Aide Services
  • Hospice Services
  • Laboratory Services
  • Pharmacy Services

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How often patients receiving home health care needed urgent, unplanned care in the ER without being admitted:
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Ari World

Submitted on Oct 3, 2017

I live in Scottsdale and was looking for a reliable caregiver to help take care of my husband. There aren't many caregiving companies in the area so after I did a quick Google search I was able to find Arizona Select Home Health. After reading the reviews, we set up a consultation after talking to Joseph. Joseph assured us that all the caregivers were professional and well-trained, so we went ahead with their service. After 3 months we are still using their amazing caring services. So grateful to have found them!

Nicholas Runge

Submitted on Oct 26, 2017

Very professional health service provider in Phoenix, AZ. All my questions and concerns got answered promptly in a very friendly and professional way during first call. Now after 8 weeks of engagement i can confidently recommend AZSHH if you are looking for reliable care! Thanks to the team!

CJ Hamilton

Submitted on Sep 28, 2017

Friendly,Professional,Warm- the staff and the service they provided for my family was exceptional! The staff was very empathetic during our very difficult situation- I couldn't more highly recommend a group to provide these types of services. Top notch guys - THX

Johnny Hovha

Submitted on Oct 25, 2017

Thank you so much for your services. I had a great experience with you guys!

Rita Chekmeyan

Submitted on Oct 3, 2017

Best company with amazing staff!! Highly recommend them!

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