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Skilled Nursing  |  2750 ATLANTIC AVENUE, LONG BEACH, CA 90806
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Atlantic Memorial Healthcare Center is a Skilled Nursing provider in Long Beach, CA. Please click below to get in touch with them.

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  • Physical Therapy Services
  • Occupational Therapy Services
  • Speech Pathology Services
  • Pharmacy Services
  • Podiatry Services
  • Dialysis Services
  • Ventilator Services
  • Alzheimers Services
  • Head Trauma Services
  • Hospice Services

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Crista Dawson

Submitted on May 19, 2017

My mother has been an inpatient at Atlantic Memorial off and on for several years. The nursing staff truly look after my mom each and every stay. The speech therapist, OT and PT staff work vigorously to restore her to at least her baseline yet strive for higher goals. The dietary selection has lots of options. Mom always loved the breakfast menu and desserts. I would recommend this facility to anyone requiring long and short term care. The social worker is amazing and goes above and beyond. Keep up the great care!!

Donna Cherry`

Submitted on Jul 27, 2017

This place is very deceiving. The director Luis is a big fat liar!!!!!! He told me that every time that my mother had to go back to the hospital, her copayment days start over giving her 20 new days to be there before she had to pay anything. My mother is on a limited income and does not need any added expenses. Well the last time she was there, they told me that she was at $500.00. She had only been back there for a week. While she was there to rehabilitate, she developed major bed sores, she was roughly handled by the staff, came home with a bruised body, told to shut up and let them do their job, and all of her clothes were stolen as well as part of her personal wheelchair. My mom depends on oxygen and often times we'd go there and she's struggling for air with the nurses call button in her hand. We'd have to physically go get a nurse for help!!! Mom would say that she's been pushing the button for a long time and no one would come. One night my mom called me at home, and I had to call the facility to go to her room and help her. None of the air conditioners worked and the place was always stagnant and hot which made it hard for my mother to breath. On one occasion, they called me and said they had to call 911 for my mother because her blood sugar went very low. The next day my mom tells me that one nurse came in and gave her insulin, ten minutes later another came and gave her another dose. My mother tried to stop her, but the nurse told her to be quiet, that she had to give it to her. We requested that no man was to clean her, that she was uncomfortable and only wanted females. One rough handed nurse came and cleaned her and made her cry. She told a female nurse and she said he would not touch her again. When a women came to clean her, he yelled at her he would do it. She told him that mom didn't want him, so he yells at her and says " I said I'll do it", of course roughly handling her once again. If you care for your loved ones , don't send them there.!!!!!!!!! I only gave 1 star because you can't write a review unless you do so!!!!!

Kristal Rodriguez

Submitted on Aug 26, 2017

At Atlantic Memorial most LVN'S and CNA'S are not helpful at ALL. Do not bring your family members is family doesn't plans to accompanied family member. 1. The buzz bottom to call staff doesn't connect to the front nurse desk. The light lights up and staff takes forever to come. I have timed them and it takes approximately 45 minutes for attention. Ridiculous!! 2. Communication between nurses and therapist is awful.

Cathy Sheraga

Submitted on Jun 24, 2016

I had major back surgery on June 7th, 2016 at Long Beach Memorial Hospital. When I was going to go to rehab, the only available bed for me was at Atlantic Memorial Healthcare. Some of the nurses and other employees at Long Beach Memorial were telling me that Atlantic was not a very good place to go, just by hear say, not by experience. I was hesitant but I thought I would give them a try. All know is from the moment I got there I was impressed. It was very clean, then staff was very attentive and genuinely seem to care about my comfort there. I was only there for 3 nights, but never had a problem. The therapy there was very good also with very caring employees. I has to go back to the hospital for 5 more days due to complications , but I highly recommend this facility. Please don't go by everything you hear. I was actually a patient there. Catherine Knox

Terry Christensen

Submitted on Oct 5, 2016

Have had multiple family members in nursing homes, this one is no better or really worse than the rest. To preface, I've not found a really good one that is covered by medical or even medicare so far. Good points are food is excellent (sometimes) but getting a nurse to show up when you press the call button is next to impossible. Staff to patient ratio is far too low, and they are stretched way too thin to be of any help. I was hoping the wound care would be phenomenal but sadly, while the treatment nurses can wrap and clean a wound quickly, the quality of wound care is lacking. SKIN SHOULD NEVER EVER BE RIPPED OFF OF A CHRONIC WOUND WITH A DRESSING CHANGE!!!! Pain meds are given, as per law by demand, when they are due, but only if you can get a nurse to come when the call button is pressed. The reason the patients are there is because they are having enough difficulty helping themselves that they NEED the assistance. But it's torture to have to sit between 20 minutes to 3 hours (honestly, one day it was a three hour wait) for pain meds. If you get sent here by your insurance try to be sure you use the wheelchair and be prepared to hunt down your nurses as much as possible, because they don't respond terribly well.

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