Capital Transitional Care

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Skilled Nursing  |  6821 24TH STREET, SACRAMENTO, CA 95822
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  • Physical Therapy Services
  • Occupational Therapy Services
  • Speech Pathology Services
  • Pharmacy Services
  • Podiatry Services
  • Dialysis Services
  • Ventilator Services
  • Alzheimers Services
  • Head Trauma Services
  • Hospice Services

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Scott Edwards

Submitted on Dec 3, 2017

This is not a very nice Skilled Nursing Facility. The pictures do not accurately portray this place. The nursing staff as well as the administration are lacking the skill set to be called skilled. I have been here for 3 weeks and it has been the worst experience of my life. I have had to remind my nurse to bring my medication, ask her to use an alcohol wipe before giving me injections and request she check my blood sugar before injecting me with insulin. The social services group made an appointment for me to see my doctor but failed to let me know of the appointment, so I was charged a no show fee by my doctors office. This facility is not equipped to accommodate diabetics. They don't not offer a diabetic menu or any sugar free options for the patients. I definitely would reconsider sending anyone I love here. There is no one who monitors the call button so you can literally sit here for over an hour before anyone responds. If you are in distress, good luck getting someone to help!! People yelling all day long are ignored by staff. This place is a circus. Don't get me wrong, there are some good nurses here but the negative definitely out weigh the positive.

Laura Flowers

Submitted on Mar 25, 2018

Horrible negligent place STAY AWAY! My uncle was here for less than a week because they treated him so horribly, letting you know he is diabetic, blind and was sent here for therapy after he broke his knee. He also doesn’t speak English so the manager thought she could treat him as she pleased. They left him outside in the cold and rain after he arrived from his diálisis appointment, for TWO hours before we called and spoke to the social worker. They never sent a lunch to his 4 hour appointment(he is diabetic) and then refused to serve him dinner or even give him a cup of tea to warm up after her was left in the rain for TWO HOURS. He would call out for help and left him there creaming for help for hours even his room mate told him not to bother because that’s how they are there. When he want to use the bathroom he called for help to be wheeled to the toilet and instead he was given two paper towels to poop on one and wipe with the other, not even a damn bedpan!!!! They gave him beans for dinner(he’s on diálisis he can’t have beans) but he was so hungry he had to eat! After one of his diálisis appointments they accidentally sent him back home, he was supposed to be back to there at 3 pm and didn’t notice he was gone until 9pm!!!! After they picked him up and took him back they undressed him quickly and with anger took his pants off and hurt his knee, he told them he didn’t need a diaper but they put one on him anyway and even slapped his bitten after!!! They hit his knee with the door and made him squirm in pain!! For his next diálisis appointment they came and informed him that they hadn’t set up any transportation for him to get to the clinic so he would have to skip that day and MAYBE take him the day after. That was the last straw, my dad went picked him up to him to his diálisis appointment, when he got there the someone came over and offered to drive him there because they saw a family member show up and wanted to make it look like they cared. My uncle let them know he would NOT be returning and that he was going to take legal action. Shorty after he arrived to his diálisis appointment they called the clinic and tried to get him to go back because they wanted to give him an electric wheel chair and have him sign some paper, they were trying to take advantage of him and make him sign something so he wouldn’t sue. This place should be shut down and the manager should go to prison! The housekeepers told my uncle the manager only does what she wants and let’s they employees know it’s her way or no way threatening to fire anyone who goes against her. The workers are living in fear and the nurses are incredibly unprofessional. She even told my uncle that “I make the rules here and you follow what I say” this b**ch is a little rehab dictator and belongs in jail for negligence!!

Keiko Mertz

Submitted on Dec 7, 2017

My father was housed here for about 9 months following a serious medical issue and partial-coma. His first care facility, based in Davis, had an electrical fire and all patients had to be evacuated. Moving him to this location may have been the best thing to ever happen to him! He had fiery nurses that kept him on his toes, and playfully treated him like a family member. They had a no-nonsense policy and helped to motivate him to work harder and rehabilitate his muscles. The environment was always clean, and he was always clean, fed, and taken care of. They kept him on a regimented diet (he hated the food but it was good for him), and enforced a schedule with him. Through his recovery they also assisted in finding him clothes, and had games he could play with other residents in the building! They also have social workers on site that facilitate independence by finding resources for healed patients to return home or to live independently. I am very happy with the care he received. Their physical therapy team are superstars! This all being said, nursing facilities are a double edged sword. Limited resources means the best staff are likely paired with patients who are lucid, or have the best chance of recovery. Because my dad was lucid, he could advocate for himself and I only needed to step in occasionally. Families with family members who are not lucid should take care in the facility they choose. I have no experience with any facility in regards to long-term care for individuals who are unconscious or have limited mental activity. It could be excellent at this facility, or it could need work. My advice would be to seek a facility whose mission is to make this sort of patient as comfortable as possible. I gave this facility 4 stars instead of 5 for this reason only: if you are looking for a swanky place to put grandma, this aint it. It doesn't have the bells and whistles that other homes may have, not the newest technologies, and the building itself is dated. On my dad's transition out they were in the process of updating quite a bit of things, so it may be different now. Overall, I would send him here again. What they lack in luster, they gain back in the personalities and work ethic of their staff. I also think it's important to mention that my dad had conflict with some patients. It could be his fiery personality, other's desire for drama, or both. I often thought that patients were of a rowdy, and, erhm, often from the fringes of society. Take that as you will. Staff were good at handling conflict, and I never had any concern for my father's health or well-being.

Scotti Sylva

Submitted on Mar 2, 2018

Worse place ever went there after I came out of a coma after brain surgery in 2017 The nurses treated me really baddly they stuffed you in a room with 3 people The nurses would never come to help you you call for them over and over and they would just ignore you There are many other badd things about this place I pray To God that nobody has to go through what I went through in this place this was the worst place I could have went to now that I have left this place I now walk again and out talk I eat My life has gotten so much better since I left this place

Lorie Derilo

Submitted on Mar 31, 2017

My dear friend Charles has been there for a year now.. I would just like to say "Thank you from the bottom of my heart. All the nurses who help him daily....your such a blessing...."Thank you soooo much!

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