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Elizabeth Powell

Submitted on Dec 18, 2017

My grandmother was hospitalized and her doctor highly recommended going to a nursing facility mainly for the physical therapy and occupational therapy. Prior to her hospitalization, she was mentally well. I did a lot of research and found catered manor to be the most acceptable option. Or so I thought. The ONLY reasons I am giving two stars is because the PT and OT staff are seriously amazing. They are patient and caring and really tried to help in any way that they could. The food was also good quality from what I saw. -three people to one small room with an old school tv in the middle. Elderly people can't even see that far on such a small screen! -The nurses and CNA's couldn't be bothered to help. My grandmother had to get up to use the restroom (at this point she couldn't walk on her own) so I pressed the call button and it took ten minutes for someone to come help. I know it was ten minutes because I timed it intentionally. My grandma couldn't remember that she had a call button and really had no idea where she was. It seemed like the only people that got care were the ones that could ask for it themselves. -I went to visit her every day for several hours. One Sunday I came in later than usual and found my grandmother laying in her bed, with no clothes on, shivering, and the curtains drawn around her. THE STAFF LEFT HER UNCLOTHED AND JUST PULLED THE CURTAIN SO NO ONE COULD SEE. She couldn't call out for help and she wasn't strong enough to get out of bed by herself let alone dress herself. I about lost my mind and confronted the CNA assigned to her excuse was that she undressed herself.... the poor woman wasn't even strong enough to eat by herself! And there were no clothes in sight! -By day three I asked if they were ever going to have her shower. The CNA's response was that she didn't want to shower. She was not mentally well! Of course she doesn't WANT to shower! The whole point of being there was to learn how to take care of herself again! They also hadn't given her a tooth brush or brushed her hair the whole time she was there. When I asked they told me she was given those things at check in.... Well I was there at check in and never once saw a toothbrush. No one tried to help her with it. I just started doing it for her myself when I realized that they didn't care. No one took the time to make sure she ate either. -I told them I wanted to do her laundry for her. I even wrote it on the paper in the closet. They took it anyways and lost two days worth of clothes. We never got those back. -My grandma's main issue was that she wasn't absorbing oxygen into her bloodstream and was instead retaining high levels of CO2. When she was in the hospital they did daily arterial blood gas tests. She arrived at the facility on Tuesday with normal test results (the reason they discharged her). By Thursday morning she was acting more delirious again and I begged the nurse to talk to the doctor to get an ABG done. They ignored me and didn't have anyone there to do the test until the following Monday. If they had done the test sooner maybe she would still be alive. She passed away two days after they did the test from low oxygen levels and an infection. OVERALL: I would say if your loved one is able to communicate their needs to staff and to you then maybe this place would be ok. Especially if they are mainly there for the therapy. If that is not the case then stay as far away from here as humanly possible.

Yolanda Robles

Submitted on Nov 4, 2017

My brother was there for about three weeks. The service there is so so. I had my brother request his medical records and the list of medications that he was taking was incomplete compared to the list on the nurse's station. Also, the RN made it hard for me to get information even though I was in the computer and was authorized to get information about my brother. Another disadvantage was that all his medications were covered at the hospital but some were not covered at the nursing center so instead of my brother getting better he was getting worse. One of the physical therapists was not compassionate nor understanding so my brother was unable to do therapy every day and that counted against him. The food is awful. The food almost always tasted salty even though my brother was supposed to be on a low sodium diet. He was almost never served fresh fruit and vegetables. He was also told he was on a water restriction even though he was allowed to have a total of 64 oz of fluids throughout the day. That was not too helpful. Also the first week was awful because there was another patient that had the tv on day and night and very loud. We complained about that but the staff said that that patient had rights. What about the rights of other patients that want to sleep wit no noise?

Evelio Estrada

Submitted on Feb 24, 2017

Great cervice for my uncle 😊❤

Jackie Nestell

Submitted on Jun 29, 2016

"Horrible experience. My sister was neglected and treated poorly. Could never get a nurse or Dr. to call us back. When I would go in person I was told they would have the Dr. and/or physical therapist call me "as they were gone for the day"- I never received call back. She got a horrible infection while there that lead to her death.

Deborah Tauveve

Submitted on Dec 5, 2015

Does not deserve five stars.They do not worry about patients rehabilitation and have no compassion.They paint a pretty picture to gain your confidence then leave you with horrifying experiences

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