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Skilled Nursing  |  4505 SOUTH DREXEL, CHICAGO, IL 60653
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Estates Of Hyde Park is a Skilled Nursing provider in Chicago, IL. Please click below to get in touch with them.

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  • Physical Therapy Services
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  • Pharmacy Services
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  • Dialysis Services
  • Ventilator Services
  • Alzheimers Services
  • Head Trauma Services
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Lakesha Kuye

Submitted on Feb 17, 2018

My grandmother is currently at this facility. I live over 2 hours away. My grandmother called me at 8:15 p.m. and explained to me that she had had an accident and no one had been by to help her clean up her self, though she had asked. I called and spoke with the staff and they told me they will be there as soon as possible to do so. I was even on the phone with my grandmother when the nurse came in, so I assumed that everything was okay. My grandmother in turn called me 3 hours later to tell me that she was still sitting in her feces and no one would help clean her up. I have contacted the facility and asked to be contacted by the head of the department because this is unhealthy, unsanitary, and a place like this should not be open if this is the way that their staff treats human beings.

Juan De Rosa Quinonez Segarra

Submitted on Nov 25, 2017

Horrible place! Ghetto Ghetto Ghetto! It's hard to meet with a doctor they have no doctors on staff. It's hard to get ahold of the nurse on duty let alone to set up a meeting with all parties because they don't answer the phone. The CNAs and Nursing have a bad attitude. NO COMPASSION for the elderly. They make my eighty nine year old mother sit in a wheel chair all day. As a result she suffers from bed soars and is in intense pain! No railings on the bed. They knew my mom was a fall victim before accepting her. They promised physical therapy as agreed upon on initiation it never happened. A care plan was supposed to be talked about it never happened.My mom said one of the CNAs kicked her. I have to give them one star so that this is posted otherwise Estate of Hyde Park Nursing Home wouldn't even get that! UPDATE: My 89 year old mother was sent to the emergency room yesterday she was severly dehydrated the nurse at Estates of HydePark Nursing Home said that my mother would not eat. At the emergency room the doctor said that my mother was not fed food or water for three days she was severly dehydrated. She ate and drank water on her own in the emergency room. She has slurred speech and suffers from physical ailments due to the lack of physical therapy as agreed upon as a result of this elderly abuse. The social service worker at Estates of HydePark has been harassing my mother by giving her a bad rap to prospective nursing homes. She has been admitted to Mercy Hospital as a result of this abuse. She will not be returning to Estates of HydePark Nursing home. Charges of elderly abuse will be filed!


Submitted on Aug 4, 2017

I only gave this place one star because I had to give a star to post this review. As a Nurse myself I was disgusted with the quality of care that was being given to the residents. First off I had to ask a CNA for wipes to clean a table off in the dining area, that's when the assistant decided to get up and clean the table off where residents were sitting, resident's were sitting in their chairs full of urine, the place smelled foul. The nurses....smh were very disinterested. I myself had no control over my loved one being placed in this facility, I would not send an animal to this place. Not only does the Illinois Board of Nursing need to set up an office in the facility but the department of health and sanitation need to be there as well. To the nursing staff of this facility, If you are only employed because you want to earn a paycheck and you have no compassion then it's time to change careers, let's remember we all want to get old one day is this how you would want to be treated? "Do onto others as you'd have them do onto you".

Deonta Pennington

Submitted on Jul 25, 2017

Don't ever send your love one here EVER.... horrible place, rude,ghetto, no training & don't care about the seniors Grandmother bed soar was as big as a fist,feeding tube infection ,forgetting to bathe for days,busted head with 8 stiches from falling & providing a bed without bed rails after asking for bed rails before moving her here.... I have had words with more then one of these young ghetto girls ,my mother ,and other family members.... they lazy ass hell here..... took them 5months before they realized they didn't do a care plan & proper paper work... I can keep going on but ima just tell u to PLEASE PASS THIS PLACE UP OR YOU WILL BE CALLING A LAWYER TAKING PICS EVERYDAY

Habibat Owolabi

Submitted on Sep 14, 2017

Nice people everywhere.

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