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Renee Duety

Submitted on Oct 16, 2017

Apria is not worth anyones time....they are rude and unreliable...they also double talk where the equipment is concerned they tell you that they can come out the same day to pick up equipment that is no longer needed and try to pull the we cant pick it up for 2 weeks...not acceptable to have said in there contract as well as employee's saying they can pick up the same day....to tell you 2 weeks before they can pick it up....I personally am going to the BBB to report this as well as they dont care about the needs of caregivers and patients they are serving....I went with At Home Health Equipment LLC who have been not only very attentive as well as getting the equipment to you the same day and if something is not functioning right they replace it in a fast manor I am happy with them....I hope that Apria Healthcare goes back to Florida and stays there....they dont care about the patients as long as they make a buck from it....BBB will be better served if everyone who has had a bad experience with Apria to make sure they are put out of business

Michael Devlin

Submitted on Mar 28, 2016

I have been on hold now for 25 minutes to ask a simple question about my bill. I have had nothing but problems with this company. They are terrible to work with. It took me more than 6 mos. to take care of a bill that they continued to charge me for that was not mine. It went to credit. They are the worst. Make that 30 minutes

Lauren Prifogle

Submitted on Sep 11, 2015

I have been trying to get an oximeter machine for my son for over a week now. They have the machine, but somehow are at a loss as to how to get it to me. I have had 2 separate delivery drivers show up to my house empty handed. One to pick up the machine (that I never received). The other, I'm not really sure. He seemed to think I would know what he was there for. I have been told on 2 separate days that my machine is scheduled for delivery. It was not delivered either day. I have also been told by 2 different customer service reps that they will not deliver it, instead a respiratory therapist will contact me to set up a time for them to come to my house, set it up, and show me how to use it. This has not occurred either. Finally today, I reached someone at my local branch who told me "the expectation is that I will come to pick up the machine." They will not deliver it, an RT will not come set it up. It is my responsibility to come get it and in fact, they aren't even able to give me directions on using it. The manager could not give me a reason as to why no one I've spoken to has given me this direction, or how exactly I was supposed to know to come pick it up. When I asked if one of the delivery drivers who keep making needless trips to my house could put it on their truck , she responded "No, they aren't going to do that." Horrible customer service. Most disorganized company I've dealt with in quite awhile.

Scott Engle

Submitted on May 19, 2015

They are a bad company to deal with. I needed a CPAP machine and went through them. I called to see if I could change an appointment and then I was told that I should not have been given an appointment due to the fact that the machine that I needed was on back order. I made the appointment on Wednesday and then I called them on Friday morning and that is when I found out that they "claimed" that they didn't have it. Actually the branch had the machine. Then in April all of my insurance was checked out and everything on that end was ready to go. Then the morning that I wanted to change my appointment I got told that there was a problem with my insurance. I got the biggest run around from them. They knew of these problems and no one could give me a reason why no one would pick up a phone and call me. Then when I went and picked up the machine, I was all set to pay the upfront money that I was told that I owe, but the lady at Moller road checked it and called other people to check it out and they ALL told me that I did not owe them anything. A week later with no notification to me all of a sudden they took out over $100 from my account. I called them very upset and was told that I was informed wrong by the branch. I told them that was there problem and not mine. I asked for a print out as to what they said that I owed. And while I was waiting for my machine, one of the office ladies left and then another customer came in. Come to fine out, the customer was told to come to the branch to get something and then the office was told that the office lady needed to take the part to the customer. Don't trust them. Take your business someplace else.

Jody Marlow

Submitted on Sep 23, 2017

Treated with respect