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Ms Herbert

Submitted on Dec 5, 2017

Went in for a C section once I got an actually delivery room my stay was much more comfortable. Staff was always attentive to my needs and I felt privacy even when I walked around to get the baby out.

charles moorehead

Submitted on Dec 24, 2017

Brought my wife into the ED today with a chronic degenerative brain disease, after she was released from her long-term care center, at medi-cals instructions. The Chief RN of the ED tried to release her stating there's nothing they can do Even though her condition had worsened, this came just 2 hours after they said they needed to admit her for more work ups. So we refused discharge because she would be at risk of falling and injuring herself when I went to work. She needed to be admitted to another long term care center and the only way to do that would be to have her admitted and the referral sent to medi-cals. The ED chief then tries to have security forcefully remove her I had to call LAPD who informed them that what they were trying to do was illegal and that we were not breaking any laws by refusing discharge. We had asked for a Sgt to come and as we were waiting the ED doc came in again with the security guards when the officers stepped away and said that LAPD instructed them that we were trespassing. This is after they told us we were not and that a Sgt was on his way. Since she's been admitted the doctors have fought me at every turn to get the various specialties to come see her that normally would round on someone with my wife's condition. All the staff coming in and out of the hospital never have smiles on their faces and when greeted you're met with side glances and indifference. There is no affect here or compassion this is by far one of the worst faith centered hospitals I've had the displeasure of bringing my wife to.


Submitted on Sep 28, 2017

TIP: The emergency entrance is located off Vermont Ave. The regular entrance and parking is located in the back of the hospital which is accessible from Fountain Ave or De Longpre Ave. Parking validated for 2 hours. Bring cash. Wife and I took a tour of their labor and delivery facilities. Staff was friendly and made us feel welcomed. We look forward to delivering our baby there. UPDATE: Wife delivered our son here in Dec. 2016; staff and nurses were friendly, especially in the recovery room, where son was well taken care of by the rotating nurses; wife had a last minute election C-Section so we stayed 4 days and my wife asked tons of questions from all the nurses and they were all very patient, friendly and helpful. There was only one pediatrician who had to be stern with us about our son's slightly elevated bilirubin levels; she could have had a nicer approach but her approach was necessary. Wife was well fed..can't say enough they were attentive, day and night. Thank you staff.

jaren elijah

Submitted on Dec 15, 2017

The absolute worse hospital, if I am dying my dying wish is to not go here I would rather die honest to God. There was something wrong with my boyfriend and was in excruciating pain he could not walk the nurse in the emergency took him in in an ok amount of time did not check his vitals at all asked my boyfriend what was his problem then gave him a morphine shot which my boyfriend was in even more pain the nurse which was a bald head black male told him to walk it off. Meanwhile my boyfriend still cannot walk walk and just got a shot of morphine so the nurse pushes him to registration. My boyfriend high off morphine is tripping out sweating and throws up every where and everybody working in the hospital is looking around like they do not know what to do mind you this is about 1am on a Sunday. Needless to say we had to go to another hospital that same night because we found out this hospital made matters worse. We are currently looking into a lawsuit.

Steve Rodriguez

Submitted on Jul 6, 2017

This ER is by far the worst ER in Los Angeles. My mom went in for hypertension, chest pain, shortness of breath, blood clots in her lungs and legs the list goes on. Yes she was admitted right away but received minimal to no service. The doctor on duty went into her "room" once, looked at a paper and that was the last time we saw him. After that my mom was taken in to get CT scan. Not even an hour later she was released and was told by the nurse she does not have any emergency related symptoms. She was advised to go to her primary doctor to discuss her test results. I asked to speak to the doctor and the nurse kept repeating to see her primary doctor. The place looks, smells, and feels like a dump. These doctors show no regards to a persons health and well being. All they see is a paper and ways to charge up insurance companies. Last time we ever come here. My advise to go make the extra long drive and go to St. Josephs in Burbank or the General Hospital in East LA. The service, environment, and staff are extremely helpful and attentive. My mom was taken to a different hospital the next day and sure enough she was admitted into her own room. Long story short she stayed for 5 days. Blood clots in her leg are now gone. And because of her shortness of breath and blood clots in her lungs she now has an oxygen machine at home that needs to stay on 24/7. She is showing signs of improvement no thanks to the doctor at Hollywood Presbytaryan. My mom could've died and they would not have cared. To them she had no symptoms that need emergency care. Goes to show how much care they show to their patients... If I could give negative stars I would. And I would happily give the names of the Doctors on duty if requested. Thanks and I hope this helps to anyone considering on going to this dump.

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