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Home Health  |  7750 N MICHIGAN RD, INDIANAPOLIS, IN 46268
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  • Nursing Care Services
  • Physical Therapy Services
  • Occupational Therapy Services
  • Speech Pathology Services
  • Medical Social Services
  • Home Health Aide Services
  • Hospice Services
  • Laboratory Services
  • Pharmacy Services

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Phillip Froymovich

Submitted on Dec 30, 2017

Home Servicrs Took excellent Care of my mother in law. Timely, curtious, professional staff at a reasonable price.

Marquette Hansen

Submitted on Aug 24, 2017

The entire staff at HSU has been incredible. My dad has received exceptional care after after a hip surgery. Very caring and professional staff. I highly recommend.

Bill Paya

Submitted on Jul 12, 2017

I had physical therapy after I had an accident. The female physical therapist who came out was really nice but made me work. I think it made me get better sooner. I hope I never have to use them again but If I did I would ask for the same therapist.

Michelle Yakovac

Submitted on Sep 8, 2017

Our experience with Home Services Unlimited was not good. We finally ended services today after weeks of having to deal with numerous missed appointments with no call-backs or delayed call-backs and erratic, unpredictable schedules. My sister works a full-time demanding job and is trying to care for our Dad as best she can. The last thing she or anyone else who is care-taking needs is to be waiting around at home for therapists who don't show, and chasing down therapists to schedule/reschedule appointments. We understand things come up in the course of a day, but this agency has a very poor system of scheduling, communication and follow-up - placing unnecessary burden on the caretaker to manage communications & scheduling when we have a million other things to worry about. Agencies should be there to relieve the burden - NOT ADD TO IT - as this agency did, which is a shame as we were led to expect differently in all our up-front communications with the Sales Rep. We were also very unhappy with the OT who spent no time hands-on with our Dad. She spent all of her time visits telling my sister what to change in her house and NO TIME working hands on with my Dad on things like transferring, balance, arm strength, dressing, etc. - things that would have benefitted our Dad greatly but they she deemed unnecessary. He had excellent OT care in the rehab center he was in just in but has regressed significantly since being under the care of this agency and the OT's hands-off approach. We expressed our dissatisfaction to the agency with all the issues we were experiencing and gave them a chance to do a mid-course correction as we really valued the PT who was great with our Dad and working to keep him mobile in the house. But when he failed to show on 3 different occasions this week and when an Aid missed an appointment on top of that without calling promptly to reschedule - enough was enough. My hope is that this agency seriously looks at its OT protocols, staffing, scheduling & communication issues and figures out how to help patients get better and make life a bit easier on care-takers.

Derek Burton

Submitted on Aug 26, 2017

Great company that will always do what is best for the family and or resident!

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