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Sue McCollum May

Submitted on Aug 28, 2017

I am still having a problem with over charges at this place. Our mom pasted away on the night of June 22, 17. We did were very stressed to lose her. We did all the needed details to close here estate including paying her bill at Hospice Of The Valley. Since our billing statement was not sent, we called July 5, 17 a finial amount. The lady was very nice and gave us the total of 3,200 she stated no charge for the 23 of June as she passed in the night. and we paid via check the check was cashed and the account was closed. The next month July they send us another billing this time for 3,400. I called and they we quite rude to me and said we didn't pay the bill. I explained the 200 for the date she passed should not be charged and they were to take it off the billing. Then I emailed them a copy of the canceled check I had sent for the full amount on her account. Now August 16,17 bill comes and we are being charged $200 for a full day care for the day she passed on even tho no care has been done and she was moved the a funeral home. I think it is wrong to pay for the date when she clearly died in her sleep the night before and I was told they DO NOT CHARGE FOR CARE AFTER SOMEONE DEATH! Her estate is closed and we cant pay the extra fee now. The care was good at this facility but the office is horrible.

Johnson Truong

Submitted on Mar 18, 2017

My uncle was discharged from St. Joseph's Medical Center last month and started working with hospice until his death 2 weeks ago. During the several weeks with Hospice of the Valley, their nurses were always responsive and would come to see him even in cases of non-emergencies within an hour or two from the time we call. Their social worker was also very helpful in discussing options with us such as power of attorney and other paperwork. My family is very grateful for the compassion and kindness Hospice of the Valley showed working with my uncle during those several weeks. After his death, they also gave us multiple phone calls, sent us a card, and helped us contacting the mortuary promptly. I really want to thank them for being with us during such a difficult time, and I would recommend this service to anyone in a similar situation.

Cecy Martinez

Submitted on Oct 23, 2016

They are amazing! They not only take care of the patient but of the families as well.They did the most heartwarming thing for a family! Im grateful that there is a Hospice team like them!

Antonio Sanchez

Submitted on Aug 14, 2015

My experience with Hospice of the Valley was SUPERB! Unfortunately, we lost (2) family members within the last (2) months and I must say Hospice of the Valley was excellent! They took the time to listen and respect our wishes and most importantly; they emphasized how important it was to involve the patient as being the person to command their journey before transitioning each into a hospice setting. From the moment they stepped in, the hospice staff demonstrated their grace and professionalism in caring for our prospective family member's. All the staff especially the assigned nurses showed their care and concern in meeting the needs of the patient followed by our needs; these outstanding nurses who care about the patient and the family made sure first and foremost to address the patients' needs, followed by our needs. The staff did a wonderful job in keeping family members informed of all events and changes in their medical condition. When our loved ones passed, the staff as well, providing much comfort and bereavement to our surviving mom/spouse and family. We received beautiful bereavement support (English and Spanish) from their assigned social workers and Chaplains. Our hearts are still heavy in the passing of our family members but our comfort and peace were made possible by the wonderful staff and Hospice of the Valley. It would be my pleasure to confirm this information via phone or in person.

Joe Dinet

Submitted on Jan 10, 2017

Great staff that really help my Friend. Thank you