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Hospital Of The University Of Pennsylvania

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About Hospital Of The University Of Pennsylvania

Hospital Of The University Of Pennsylvania is a Inpatient Rehab provider in Philadelphia, PA. They have not claimed this facility yet, please use their phone number to contact them directly.


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Services Provided

  • Dialysis Services
  • Psychiatric Services
  • CARF Services
  • Chemotherapy Services
  • Trauma Services
  • Dietary Services
  • Occupational Therapy Services
  • Physical Therapy Services
  • Respiratory Care Services
  • Speech Pathology Services

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Rate of unplanned readmission after discharge from an IRF:

Rate of pressure ulcers that are new or worsened:


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DianeM Meibauer

Submitted on Jan 18, 2018

My husband has been going to U Penn for at least, four years. He uses all testing departments and has five doctors in different departments. Three of those doctors have saved his life from various illnesses that the myriad of doctors here in NJ could not help him. Kept him on drugs, drugs, drugs. After his first surgical procedure, he went off some of these drugs and after the third, he was off ten drugs!! Ten drugs he does not take anymore because his medical issues were addressed and addressed correctly! We now go for check ups......check ups!!!!! Great doctors, great nurses, wonderful staff in all departments!! Thank you, U Penn!

Naresh Mullaguri

Submitted on Dec 3, 2017

I went there for a job interview. This place was built massively. The buildings are state of art. The layout of signs to help patient navigation was very good. Staff are super nice at the reception. Of course my purpose of the visit is different from other people but I felt hope attending the place and the people I met seems very caring. They have a cyclotron for proton beam therapy for cancer which is one of the only few systems attached to the hospital. The physician team works very closely with the departments of science to innovate things.

Vanity Activist/Singer/Dancer/Author

Submitted on Jan 13, 2018

I took my mom here. She is 59 years old and was there for three days. She presented with bradycardic symptoms, dizziness, falling and confusion post stroke. They did one test. They should have done way more tests. It was absolutely ridiculous. The ignorant doctor working the floor gave me an attitude when they decided to discharge her after doing nothing to which I challenged them to do more. I was told "Well she's not here for the stroke". Here's the problem with that. I noted the fact that with her heart symptoms she needed to be seen by a cardiologist. She never saw one. My mother and I live together and I can give the best picture of anyone of her symptoms. I have kept a log of every single incident that has occurred since she had her stroke and there have been many. They were uninterested in any of the events leading up to her hospitalization, including the daily chart of blood pressures and pulses I have taken since the end of July to present. If anyone could have told them that there was something not right it was me and my mother who also showed her displeasure with not having the tests that she so desperately needed. This young lady should have listened to my mother who has had SEVERAL MORE INCIDENTS since being discharged, and has also been hospitalized at Cooper since. She has injured her rib cage twice from falling on two different occasions. I'm here to tell you now.. I have kept records of everything. If something happens to her due to your negligence and I lose my mother who is not even 60 yet, that hospital is going to have a problem. P.S. The low potassium levels she had at your hospital are just getting lower and they can account for EVERY SINGLE SYMPTOM she has had since her stroke. Looks like you missed the mark that Cooper picked up on, and they gave her a script for it. If you had done the extra tests that we had asked for, maybe you would have caught that too. It was NOT her medication as you had stated.

Matt Tincani

Submitted on Feb 16, 2018

Misdiagnosed by an incompetent resident after being seen by four other lazy physicians who deferred to the least experienced member of their team. Indifferent staff. I was treated like a class project. If you want decent treatment and caring staff avoid this “world class” hospital.

Joshua Wall

Submitted on Nov 27, 2017

Took my spouse to the ED here for fairly serious symptoms. The triage stated we were a priority 2 and should be seen fairly quickly. We have been waiting now for almost four hours and still haven't seen a doctor, they just told us a doctor hasn't even been assigned. Go elsewhere if you want to be seen in any reasonable time. At this rate we could have just waited until the next day and went to an urgent care. Update: it's now been almost six hours and still haven't seen a doctor. Shift change is about to occur at midnight and then the new doctors will have to restart rounds again and who knows where we will be in line. We have just asked to be discharged immediately. What a waste of time and money for no answers.