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Long Term Care  |  1930 SOUTH BROAD STREET UNIT #12, PHILADELPHIA, PA 19145
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Kindred Hospital South Philadelphia is a Long Term Care provider in Philadelphia, PA. Please click below to get in touch with them.


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Joint Commission Accreditation

Services Provided

  • Postoperative Recovery
  • Occupational Therapy Services
  • Physical Therapy Services
  • Respiratory Care Services
  • Speech Pathology Services
  • Medical Social Services

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Rate of unplanned readmission after discharge from an LTCH:

Rate of pressure ulcers that are new or worsened:


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Rex Miller

Submitted on Jul 3, 2017

In my brief, however, great stay at Kindred I've learned a few things. 1. If you're in need of physical and occupational therapy this is the place to be. Jodi and Nick helped make me stronger again so I can get home with my family. 2. The nursing care has been everything I could have hoped for. The attentive, kind and friendly staff really take the time to make sure you have everything you need. 3. Due to my need for a higher rate of oxygen upon my arrival I spent countless times communicating with highly competent and caring respiratory therapists. 4. The administrative team took time to come speak with me about my stay and see what they could improve upon. To my surprise I have been able to communicate nothing but positive feedback excluding that I felt that the food could use an overhaul for more variety. Overall I was very happy with my stay and today I'm going home. Thank you Kindred. Rex

Ant Outlaw

Submitted on Nov 29, 2017

If you ever needed health treatment I highly recommend kindred ! Excellent staffing and the CNA's are top notch when it comes to caring for their patients. Very clean facility, and the room are single beds so every patient has their privacy. I also think that kindred might have the best of the best wound care nurses. Tammy and Nicole treated me as if they were trying to help their own son get back healthy. I appreciate the love and care they had for me and my wounds lol, they don't play no games when it comes to their job. The doctors as well showed care to all medical needs, their great ! Last but not least kindred physical and occupational therapist is just wonderful, Nick and Jody are the best. Each and every day they perfect at what they do. I came across some good therapist but none like the ones at kindred south philly, they gives you that drive that makes you want to get up and say " I can do better than what I did yesterday". Their just amazing and I love them Nickels and Jo Jo my faves forever !!! I would highly recommend kindred south philly to others in need of medical care. So from me Ant Outlaw to kindred south philly staffing Good Looookinnnnnnn lol 8) !

Lo Rig

Submitted on Jul 3, 2017

Kindred Hospital in South Philly has given me back my voice. Despite the fact that I have not yet progressed to eating or breathing without a trach I have been given unexpectedly more freedom since coming here. The doctors, nurses, respiratory therapists, and the rehab team are some of the most kind and compassionate healthcare staff is have ever encountered. Everyone in this hospital makes time for you and your family to explain the process, goals and changes in the care plan. I can only imagine the successes they help to foster every day considering the wonderful individuals I have encountered here. I have Kindred in South Philly to thank for so much. I'd recommend this place to anyone with Long Term Acute Care needs. -LR

Anna Cifers

Submitted on Oct 25, 2016

Great experience! Immaculately clean. Dr. Patel was extremely patient and was in direct correlation with Dr. Rossato informing us what his plan was. Everyone works together here for the family and safety of the patients. They have a patient who is available to help with any issues. Physical Therapy was excellent. Word of mouth , I highly recommend Kindred.


Submitted on Jan 12, 2017

My husband, Mike, was at Kindred for 27 days. In those 27 days, I  saw the way the hospital truly operates.  I can say with all certainty that my family was extremely fortunate to have picked Kindred Hospital!  Dr. Dovnarsky did wonders for my husband. Along with the respiratory staff, he was able to wean Mike from the ventilator, remove his tracheostomy tube and have him breathe on his own. Mike was also able to discontinue dialysis before being released. The nurses were amazing. He received around the clock care and attention.The therapy department worked with Mike to ensure he was able to go to a short term facility. David Cohen (patient advocate) was available anytime to address any concerns or to offer an ear. I will be forever grateful to the staff at Kindred Hospital. No doubt without them, my husband would not be here. Keep up the great work!!  It doesn't go unnoticed.

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