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Submitted on Jan 12, 2018

ZERO STARS! NEVER be a candidate for a position here! The staff and management are very rude and apathetic. The environment is TOXIC in my opinion! In my personal (dismal) encounter with them, they all had stink faces and attitudes. (Very hard to even look at them with a strait face! LOL) They will waste your time, and then treat you horribly. Don't even bother!! I feel very sorry for the residents!!

Kyana Bellamy

Submitted on Sep 9, 2017

This place is nasty. They have some nasty people that works in the kitchen. Not all.The manager is a desk receptionist and never worked in the kitchen before and scared to say anything about what goes on the the kitchen to the staff. She cooks food with no gloves on and has cuts in her hands and won't use the soap. These are some of the condition of the kitchen. I feel sorry for these poor old people. They tried to feed them undone meatloaf. Milk cartons floating in water overnight. A lot of people with deep bed sores. They are way under staff. Alot of falls and disrespectful staff front desk and nursing.

Nat M

Submitted on Jun 13, 2017

PLEASE!!!! PLEASE!!!! PLEASE!!!!! Don't I will repeat DON'T ever work nor have your love one come to this poor place of business. The head department is rude, pretend to be friendly but their not. They only put on a front when state is in the building or when they're trying to get families to live there. They do not care about their employees because they talks to them nasty and demands them to do unethical things. They can't keep any staff because of how management talks to them. They always working short staff and they expect one nurse or one or two aides to take care of 30 to 40 residents by themselves and how in the world can you call that good patient care. That place needs to get management out of there. And then there are workers who are working there that don't have the correct license to be working in their field in that facility. State need to do a thorough investigation in all departments up there.

Christina Boyer

Submitted on Jul 21, 2017

Used to have to go there while working for an unrelated medical transport company. Aides never seemed to possess any kind of awareness. I would show up for an appointment that had been scheduled weeks prior, only to recieve a blank stare from the Aides, and have to go get the patient ready myself, though I wasn't employed there. Because, they were too busy looking for the individual to blame rather than assure the patient made it to the appointment on time. I have also had an Aide slam her hands on her desk at me in a threatening manner and scream in my face, because she lacked the basic comprehension skills to process the idea that she was mistaken, and the day I was standing in front of her was the day that the facility arranged the transport. I showed her the paperwork, and she threw it at me. Super professional, right? Patients were consistantly dirty, reeked of waste, had food caked to thier clothes and faces, with filthy equipment, and generally unhappy. I have been screamed at by other staff here for asking for something as basic as making sure my patient had lunch while they would be gone all day at appointments. It got to a point where I refused to have a thing to do with them. I have no idea how these people tolerate the rampant incompetence here. Also: I am a CNA in school for RN, now. I do this job daily. It is challenging, but if you are willing to step away from your phone, and think about why you are really there, it is rewarding and impactful. If you can stay organized, it isn't hard, just time consuming some times. And knowing all of this- I wouldn't send my pet rock here.

Jocelyn Appleton

Submitted on Oct 19, 2016

Everything started off great. The office staff was very nice and seemed to be attentive when going through the admission process. But... that ended up not being the case when push came to shove. I moved my son who has special complex care needs from their sister facility Camelot Care in Logansport, Indiana. Once he turned 18, I was thrilled just to get him closer to home. Myself, Riley Children's Hospital and Camelot Care assisted Lakeview Manor with all medical information and a history on my son. They said without a doubt they could provide for his needs. After only two days of my son being there I went in for a visit around 12:30pm and he was just sitting in his room by himself in his wheel chair staring at a wall. No Television on...nothing. He was literally soaking wet with sweat, clothes and hair even. He was bright red and his respirations were 80 breaths per minute with a very high temperature. He was obviously in distress. I hollered out for some assistance and the aid came in and said he had been like that all morning. What!!!??? He had gone into seizures and had been having them that morning and no one was with him knowing he was in distress. No medical was contacted nor was I. Then when I asked for an ambulance all medical staff just left and gave him no assistance. I just was shocked about this. Then he went to hospital and after discussing the matter further the facility decided they could not provide the care Marcus needed. The DON said she was not involved in his admission or would have stated concerns immediately. Nothing in his care had changed from hospitalization. I just feel that before they accepted him they should have been sure they could care for him. Because then their sister facility would not take him back. Said they did not have the staffing anymore. So for over a week he has been stuck in the hospital with no where to go and little to no assistance from Lakeview Manor to find him placement. It has been an endless battle to find a 18 year old with complex care needs home assistance being forced to put into a facility. To now couldn't find a facility to take him. Leaving us in a serious bind and putting myself in a serious financial bind. They should have taken more responsibility in assisting since they signed on for his care, were unable to provide, and left him homeless. This may sound ridiculous homeless... but as a single mom we would both be homeless if I don't work. Bringing him home was not even an option.

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