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Skilled Nursing  |  222 BERTETTI DR, SAN ANTONIO, TX 78227
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Legend Oaks Healthcare And Rehabilitation - West S is a Skilled Nursing provider in San Antonio, TX. Please click below to get in touch with them.

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Does Not Reside In A Hospital

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  • Physical Therapy Services
  • Occupational Therapy Services
  • Speech Pathology Services
  • Pharmacy Services
  • Podiatry Services
  • Dialysis Services
  • Ventilator Services
  • Alzheimers Services
  • Head Trauma Services
  • Hospice Services

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Jon FD

Submitted on Mar 7, 2018

This facility is only two years old and still looks new. But...We had our dad there for rehab after he had surgery. His stay was only suppose to be temporary. Their job was to get him walking again and speech therapy because of a trach. He was there not even a week and he was admitted back into the hospital for a minor emergency. We were never notified of this until we went to visit and saw he was gone. Upon our arrival at the hospital we saw that he was tagged by Legend Health Care & Rehab as a DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) patient. That did not make sense as to why. Legend staff had approached us about this earlier in the week about a DNR and we refused. There was no need for it. Apparently sometime while family members were not visiting Legend staff had my dad, who was unable to talk and not 100% himself, sign for a DNR. We asked him about it later and he did not remember. We did not go back to this facility after his hospital stay.

Janet R Rodriguez

Submitted on Feb 21, 2018

I was there post hospitalization for rehab.nurses were great meds on time, food selection poor, rehab not given as per ordered,too many clients nighttime CNA cut sandwich with her hands gave me only half.no I did note at bread was too soggy. Pt.evaluation should be private not with rehab supervised looking.Return??? No there are newer homes and I am sure tv works.

Diane Casiano

Submitted on Dec 16, 2017

My dad has been here 3-4times tis year he loved the place the staff therapy was great got him up 💯 satisfied but my dad went back in November 2017 &my dad requested2go back again but this time was a bad experience some staff were rude&my dad due2 his recent sickness had lost some of his memory&had told me he didnt go2 daylias so i kinda got upset cuz he goes 3times out of the week so i go2talk2 the nurses@there station&asked they said yes he did i ok will do u have any proof for me cuz i want2know they should have a log book of drop off pick up&sign in of what company comes for him&name of driver or daylias clinic send progress reports i know my dads does will they had nothing2show me for my peace of mind but some1 word2say he went wow that's unprofessional so i gey on phone call my sister2 handle wats going on cuz i know i get very rude@times especially when it comes2 loved 1my dad i was on phone tellin my sister i will report every1&the rehab if he didnt go as i was walkin back2the room his nurse came in&said will i found this in his binder it was the progress report&as i was going2 talk w/the nurse the head night shift male nurse starts yelling@me talk&sayin that if i dont know i shouldn't be saying anything&he did go&who do i think i am sayin im goin2report them so i started yellin@him tell him who does he thinks he is&i want proof for my peace of mind&he need2 get out of my dads room that another staff member had2 push him out the room&he was very unprofessional doing&acting the way he did i went2talk2 robert grey along w/2 other staff members were in the room while i told them what had happen& who are in charge@the rehab heard my side gave me his#&said he was going2 take care of the situation next day the same male nurse was still working never called me2tell me what was said&done2the male nurse or what kind of action was going2take place i guess all they did was talk2him&not mention my dads bed wasnt changed as needed knowing that he eat&did everything on his bed&when i would go visit my dad call lights will go on they would stay on a long time i would see it alot when i would go i had2 help my dads roommate several times&my dad came home with a wounded under his foot heal&we didnt even know &hes diabetic thats so sad&we called2let them know &they declined that no he had nothing i guess it's a great place they just need2 change there staff &make sure your loved 1 can talk& say something &speak up other then that the food is great its very clean in the building it dont smell like old people or urine love there outside patio& there waiting area is nice as well& taking my loved1 in&out was awsome but if same staff members are there i dont recommend &some reviews are from staff members not patients&there loved1z &if people worked here that saw stuff that shouldn't be happening it is your duty2 report them2 state or the rehab2 state as well

Mitchell Mal

Submitted on Jan 27, 2018

not bad my mom just got thee lets how things go...

Robert Gray

Submitted on Oct 29, 2017

Staff are friendly, care is outstanding, and I know people who have gone home healthier and better off with just a few weeks of therapy and nursing. Recommend this facility to everyone.

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