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Heather Knipp

Submitted on Aug 22, 2017

Thank you for the wonderful experience with my loved one. My Grandma absolutely loved the staff, they were attentive to her needs and explained the whole experience from start to finish up front, there were no surprise's. The food was very good. I have know doubt she would return if she needed to in the future. She was concerned about going to this type of facility but she is so thankful she chose yours. Thank you so much for the personal care you provided to her. I would not hesitate to recommend you in the future, thank again.

Christine Holmes

Submitted on Apr 20, 2017

This is a wonderful facility! Professionally run, very clean, fantastic rehabilitation staff, great food, and very caring. My mom thrived there and built strength amazingly fast. The rehab staff has ways to encourage patients and keep them progressing, and are a delight. Her stay there was a huge success. Her room was mopped, trash emptied and sink and bathroom cleaned multiple times a day. They have activities for those who are interested and able, including happy hour on Fridays with live music. I highly recommend them without hesitation. The longevity of the staff speaks volumes about any business management, and if you ask them, you will be surprised at how long many have been there.

A C Eckardt

Submitted on Apr 11, 2017

My 82 year old mother is staying at Mayfair, and was moved there from another facility that was sub-par, to say the least. Mayfair is one of the best facilities in Central Ohio. Our family reviewed many locations, and put my mother in another facility because of their "lock down" unit they have. We assumed this would be a safer environment, only have her left unattended and ultimately fall and fracture her hip! I can not say enough about the facility and personnel that work at Mayfair. Starting with the business office, activities instructors and the physical therapy workers, as well as the nurses, all are exceptional! You know that there is a real care and concern for your loved one. After placing my mother there she has become more responsive and engaging, I can only attribute this to the staff, and their going "above and beyond" care and attitude toward there patients / clients. Again I can not say enough that we are much happier that our mother is getting the care / attention she needed to not only continue but to thrive, were as before she seemed to be in a state of decline, while at the previous facility. I am not sure what happened with other low reviews that I see here, but can assure you, placing your loved one at Mayfair is a decision you will not regret. I have also heard glowing reviews from many other people who have had loved ones at Mayfair, and never have I personally heard a negative comment from anyone.

Farrah Hall

Submitted on Feb 1, 2017

Very irresponsible. Medication was left in my mom's room that turned out to be for another patient, fortunately my mom was too weak to get up and take it. Ruthie a charge nurse and Shannon said it happened because they were trying to hurry and get iv fluid hooked up because my mom was dehydrated. Dr. Hollister was supposed to have ordered labs, for 2 days I asked different nurses about that, none were ever ordered so none were drawn. That was aggravating. The next morning I went in and there on my mom's cart where food trays are put, layed approximately 6 sheets of multiple patient's medical information, such as lab orders and lab results, medical information concerning their health, with their personal information, age, gender, name, the rooms numbers at facility, doctors names. That was dated January 16th to the 19th. I'm pretty sure that is a Hippa violation. My mom arrived on a Wednesday evening then by Saturday morning had to be taken to same hospital she had came from because of developing a uti. The staff is very unprofessional, irresponsible and negligent with paperwork and medication. The staff also displays unprofessional looking personal appearances. The floor was never mopped for the almost 5 days my mom stayed there. Overall the facility wasn't neat or tidy. The nurses are incompetent and inexperienced and aren't capable giving the correct care for patients who require medication and medical needs as my mom did. My mom required wound care from surgery and ileostomy care. The medical personal was unable to care properly for wound with wound vac. So if you have a loved one that requires wound vac care, this facility isn't skilled enough for that level of medical needs. I shared all my concerns and frustrations with the director Shante. It was clear that she herself was embarrassed as she should and appalled. I was outraged with the entire facility and anyone affiliated with the Mayfair Village name should be embarrassed. I truly hope my experience that I'm sharing publicly helps others.

Debbie Straight

Submitted on Aug 15, 2016

I've had several loved ones here and it was great. I truly recommend it to anyone. The nurses are great food is really good the entire staff is wonderful. Love it. Very clean

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