Mercy Home Care

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Home Health  |  2298 SW 8TH STREET, MIAMI, FL 33135
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CHAP Accreditation

Services Provided

  • Nursing Care Services
  • Physical Therapy Services
  • Occupational Therapy Services
  • Speech Pathology Services
  • Medical Social Services
  • Home Health Aide Services
  • Hospice Services
  • Laboratory Services
  • Pharmacy Services

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How often the home health team began their patients' care in a timely manner:
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How often patients receiving home health care needed urgent, unplanned care in the ER without being admitted:
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Official Don

Submitted on Jan 22, 2018

So far not pleased with the staff. They sit around complaining about patients. Also security is non existent. I walked right in and no one even questioned me. I pray my grandmother makes it out of this place.

Derel Henry

Submitted on Nov 6, 2017

Unprofessional rehab department is poor vary little equipment to work with

Nieves Colmenero

Submitted on Aug 16, 2016

Unprofessional staff. Took my mom for rehap and was transported unconscious to the hospital yesterday. I do not trust this place. Careful with this place. I donot recommend it at all.

irene fernandez

Submitted on Sep 1, 2017

Great place!

Jamile Toledo

Submitted on Nov 30, 2012

Watch out keep your family's belongings under lock and key, they steal. My mom was taken to the ER and the same time my dad was fighting for his life in an ICU in another hospital, when i called to let them know mom was not coming back they picked up all of her belongings including my dad's, he used to stay with her every night and the ALL knew that, and my dad's belongings were not together with my mom's, like new sneakers, nike slides etc. So no one knows what happened to the stuff, the administrator is a joke she didnt even address the issue to me and never the less return any of my calls out of courtesy. So yes they are thieves! I can point out a nurse and a therapist that are at least good people the rest are a joke!

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