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Home Health  |  3131 EAST CAMELBACK ROAD, SUITE 200, PHOENIX, AZ 85016
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Services Provided

  • Nursing Care Services
  • Physical Therapy Services
  • Occupational Therapy Services
  • Speech Pathology Services
  • Medical Social Services
  • Home Health Aide Services
  • Hospice Services
  • Laboratory Services
  • Pharmacy Services

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Danny Neaman

Submitted on Jun 24, 2017

This company should be stayed away from. They don't staff shifts that are needed by their patients. Some nurses are good. But there are a few that are really lazy and don't want to take care of their patients. Two nurses put my child at risk by paying more attention to their cell phones than taking care of him. One nurse tried to change a trach without putting gloves on. Supervisors will get into yelling arguments with you over the phone. They promise the world to you, then don't deliver.

Leeann Kee

Submitted on Oct 24, 2016

I currently work here and I really enjoy the families I work with! I've been with MGA a little over 2 yrs. My recruiter goes above and beyond weather it be needing to get transportation to work or rescheduling. The staff are so friendly and willing to help especially if you need additional lessons on how to better care for your pt. with their sim lab. Everyday is a learning experience and this place will really help you grow and to be independent. I love it. ❤️

Dianne Cruz

Submitted on Jun 1, 2015

I am currently employed with MGA, and I should say they have a competitive pay and they take care of their nurses. In my perspective, in order to have good communication, both parties should be willing to communicate and do their part, and as far as I'm concerned there has been no issues within my communication between the company and my family. MGA takes care of their employees, they will consider your requests, concerns and will take actions for it.

LaShonda Jennings

Submitted on May 30, 2015

I have worked for MGA for a year now and love absolutely everything about the company and the work that I do. As a RN, BSN who is in the process of obtaining my MSN I find the job both challenging and rewarding. The thing that stands out the most about MGA as a company is how they treat each nurse as family, many places say they treat employees in this manner but MGA truly does. The pay is competitive and the management is there for you step by step whenever there is a problem. This is a company who definitely has their employees best interest in mind.

Carrie Love

Submitted on Apr 15, 2012

The staff was horrible. They do not have good communication skills and doesn't care. They acts as if they does but it's proven that they do not. The skill level for the patients that they have is that of a babysitter. I am a RN and I used my skills just a few times while I worked for this company (2 months). I was only baby sitting this patient. There's no growth. You have one patient and there's nothing else. It was horrible. It's good for laidback and lazy folks. Not for serious Nurses. Easy money but I don't rob the government so I don't want this job.

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