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Skilled Nursing  |  602 BABCOCK RD, SAN ANTONIO, TX 78201
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  • Physical Therapy Services
  • Occupational Therapy Services
  • Speech Pathology Services
  • Pharmacy Services
  • Podiatry Services
  • Dialysis Services
  • Ventilator Services
  • Alzheimers Services
  • Head Trauma Services
  • Hospice Services

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len valdez

Submitted on Feb 13, 2018

i made a very simple request. a remote for mom's tv. four weeks later, still no remote, plus the tv tunes in only ONE channel. i informed 2 nurses while in mom's room and 2 nurses at the desk on separate occasions. i got the same answer all 4 times, with the same end result all 4 times. no remote!

Holly Bain

Submitted on Feb 22, 2018

We chose this place based on the Medicare website ranking and word of mouth. I was hoping to have a better experience, but not the case. My poor aunt can not advocate for herself and my uncle is trying to continue working, but you have to be on top of these places...She was supposed to get medication she desperately needed, and we kept waiting. They called the dr. We called the nurses. We put a call in to the dr that was supposed to call us back in “20 minutes” (still waiting). My uncle signed a consent so that they could get a NEW script by the morning if they didn’t figure out the old one, never happened. Just called again and basically starting over- she said to call back in the morning and see if the dr sent the orders. Unprofessional and I would even say neglect.

Virginia Jimenez

Submitted on Feb 15, 2018

My grandmother was just admitted a few days ago due to a hip surgery and has to stay about a month in this place. She now has as pressure sore developing on the opposite side from where her surgery was performed. I was there today for three hours and not one aide came in to check in her. I guess the front desk if the place to just hang out while call lights are going off and keep her heavily medicated unable to do her PT as ordered and hasn't bathed since she's been there nor did they even ask if my grandmother needed assistance feefing, hasn't received her phone yet, oh my!!! Horrible . I took it upon myself to hire a private aide from the nursing school I teach and ready to report to TDAD/ HHS of this neglect and any further neglect. If this field dose not suit you, stay away from it. People are depending on you to care for them. Not keep them heavily sedated so you don't have to deal with them. Btw, I'm an LVN with my own private hospice business, employed by State Hospital and work closely with the State Grievances. People watch yourselves, you just might get an unexpected visit. I see how you all get when state arrives.

Yvonne Zertuche

Submitted on Mar 27, 2017

My much loved mom, who lived with me for the last few years, recently got to a point where she needed 24 hour care. We feel quite blessed to have her living at Morningside Manor. The staff is caring and patient. Anytime anything changes -- they call me immediately to make sure I am aware. They also have activities which keep my mom's mind as active as possible (she has Alzheimer's). The staff is well trained in the care of dementia patients. The facility is kept clean. The food is varied and appetizing. When and if the day comes when I need this kind of care, this would be the facility I would hope to be at.

Ashslayys Mua

Submitted on Dec 29, 2017

they are absolutely horrible ! they barely took care of my grandpa ! it was only when I and my family were there that they actually got up to do something ! they saw he wasn’t breathing correctly ! they saw he was congested ! and until my mom said something , nothing was done . but they sure as hell gave other families and their family members their undivided attention ! if they would’ve caught all this sooner (pneumonia & potential heart failure) HE WOULDVE BEEN FINE !! but no he was in and out of the hospital for the past 6 weeks ! they gave him no water to have , we had to ask for it . the “physical therapy” wasn’t even physical therapy ! so honestly , i would rate it a -100 because your staff sucked & they were rude , but they were nice to the other patients . my grandfather is in VITAS hospice right now because of them & their carelessness ! so thanks !

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