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Home Health  |  3380 TREMONT ROAD, COLUMBUS, OH 43221
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  • Nursing Care Services
  • Physical Therapy Services
  • Occupational Therapy Services
  • Speech Pathology Services
  • Medical Social Services
  • Home Health Aide Services
  • Hospice Services
  • Laboratory Services
  • Pharmacy Services

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Matthew Goldstein

Submitted on Jan 13, 2018

We contracted with Home Care Assistance for two older relatives (married couple). In the beginning, the care was very good. Their manager, Kat, was responsive and plugged in a good aid. The honeymoon ended a few months in. The quality of care dropped significantly. Home Care prides itself on matching aids with clients based on needs. That simply was not true in our case. We received aids that were new to the position and did not have proper training. As an example, when my relative said she was not hungry, the aid left her with a cookie and Ensure for dinner. We would expect the aid to be more assertive to ensure she received the nutrition she needed, or at least communicate back to the office so I could step in. As another example, the aids were not too attentive. One aid took my relative to a doctor's appointment and didn't go the extra step of finding a place for him to sit while she parked the car. In addition, we came to distrust the aids. One aid left her shift without notifying anyone. My relative called me to say she was alone for an extended period of time. When I spoke to the agency, they got in touch with the aid and she notified them that she was at Chipotle getting lunch for my relatives. This is a 90+yr old couple. They don't eat Chipotle and the agency didn't think twice about that response?! The final story was that this aid went home during her shift while clocked in. To be clear, this aid was charging us for services while not providing service -- essentially stealing from us. Home Care did refund those hours but these problems persisted. The most difficult aspect of this whole ordeal is that I didn't feel that I had an ally at Home Care to help me navigate my relative's care. When I called with questions or predicaments, the manager's response was always to blame my relative's mental state and then state that this is the level of care across the industry. We have transitioned to another agency that came highly recommended and the comparison in service is night and day. If you need services for basic tasks or a highly functioning senior, I imagine Home Care might do the job --- but, for what it's worth, we would not recommend their services to anyone.

A Google User

Submitted on Apr 29, 2012

The Agency Was Very Professional And The Caregivers Were Truly A Blessing. One Of The Caregivers Lolita Johnson Was Absolutely Incredible, And Truly Amazing. She Takes Pride In Her Work And Treats All Her Clients With The Ultimate Respect. She's Very Dependable, Honest, And Loyal To The Company. So Sad That She Moved To Another State.

A Google User

Submitted on Nov 10, 2009

My mom has lived in the same neighborhood in Ohio for her whole adult life. So when it became obvious that she required an assistant to perform basic tasks it was important that she didn't leave her comort zone.Thankfully, the caregivers at Home Care Assistance came to her at her home. They were extremely nice and helpful. Clearly HCA is the best choice!

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