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Dylan Tucker

Submitted on Dec 8, 2017

My mother in law was her for rehab post surgery Every time we visited the nurses were sitting at the desk, never did we show up and someone was with her. She was there for three weeks and developed bed sores! Obviously not getting the rehab required. The place smells funny and is very institutional and run down looking inside. We had read online good reviews and they are WRONG. We moved her to another faciltiy after discovering the bedsores and she developed pneumonia after choking on her food when left unattended. Not recommended. Do not let a loved one go here!

Lisa Malek

Submitted on Nov 13, 2017

I have many concerns about Mayview. However, I don’t believe that the staff that care for the residents are the reason for any of my concerns or necessarily responsible. I think they are trying to do the best they can. For the most part I believe that the staff are caring individuals. My concern is more towards the administration and how they are managing everything which is causing the residents to receive mediocre care. My first concern is that there is not enough staff to care for the individuals being serviced at Mayview. In my relatives area there are usually only two CNAs caring for more than 15 residents. Most of the residents require 24/7 care, are unable to feed themselves, use the bathroom and struggle with some form of Dementia. The aids are responsible for feeding many of the residents and according to 10A NCAC 13F.0904 (F) 1. Sufficient staff shall be available for individual feeding assistance as needed. And 2. Residents needing help in eating shall be assisted upon receipt of the meal....unhurried...maintains and enhances each residents dignity and respect. When I am there it is impossible for the staff to feed those that need feeding in a timely manner because there is only two staff per 15-20 residents and minimally 50% of which need feeding or help with feeding. My second concern is once again related to not having enough staff. Many times when I am there I find myself alone in the living area with at least 10 residents while the staff are putting the others to bed, etc. This includes the staff taking one of the residents to their room where they then shut the door to care for that resident and also preventing them from hearing what is happening outside of the room, such as a resident falling, or getting into some kind of distress. My third concern is once again related to staffing. Often I will find my relative alone in their room during meal time. I will then have to request that they be taken out of bed and brought to the eating area for their meal. I wonder what happens when I am not there to witness this? I am certain that Mayview as a For Profit private agency is receiving a very nice profit considering the cost of the home. It is shameful that they do not use some of that profit to hire more staff in order to give their residents more dignity and care.

anna williams

Submitted on Jul 19, 2017

My mother is in the Mayview Nursing Home part of the The Oaks at Whitaker Glen. She has been there since late April 2017, and to date I have been very pleased with her care..The staff on her unit are really caring of her, and it is easy to see how difficult their jobs are. All of the staff I have met on the unit appear to have good attitudes toward their tasks. As my mother can no longer manage a cell phone or dial out on a regular phone, the staff call me to talk with her often when she is confused and anxious; they put her on the phone at the nurse's station, and it helps for me to be able to orient her. I usually visit her every other day.

Victoria Martin

Submitted on Sep 12, 2017

I wanted to speak to the director of the facility before I posted this but my phone calls have yet to be returned. ** If I could give ZERO stars, that would be my rating. My mother stayed at The Oaks of Mayview for about 2and a half hours. She is still upset from her experience. The workers would not take her to a phone so she could talk to me. After she rang her assistance bell the 2nd time a worker came storming into her room and said "Stop ringing that!! We are busy out here!" When I called to check on my mother and was then informed that they do not allow the patients to use their phone, I knew my mother would be scared so I started to drive up there. When my phone rang I saw it was the facility so I thought, good...they are letting her call. NOPE! It was just a worker telling me that my mother was very upset and said "your mother said she will not calm down until she can talk to you." I said, ok..may I speak to her? I was again told no. Not unless I went up there because they do not offer the use of a phone. I got there and 4 or 5 nurses were all standing around the nurses station. NOBODY SAID 1 WORD TO ME. I have somuch more to say but the bottom line, I got my mother out of that horrible place. I feel so sad for anyone who has to endure the awful treatment we received. My mother is still shaken up from it and she did not even have to stay over night. I can not imagine what would have happened if she needed help in the middle of the night. ** I just want to add to this review that my mother was sent here for physical rehab. She was not going to be living there as a long term care patient. She was taken to this facility after a stay at a hospital. Also, I finally did get in contact with the director of the facility and she informed me that she purchased a portable phone for the sole purpose of being able to offer it to residents if they do not have their own and they need to make a phone call. My mother still has nightmares about her time there but if her experience has helped save someone else from some of the same trauma, at least we feel it wasn't in vain. That is the only comfort we have. **

Henry Jasinski

Submitted on Jan 12, 2018

Never could get a reply from admissions Nekita. She promised a return call regarding a request i made for an available room so I have to give 1 STAR.

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