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Home Health  |  1500 SUNDAY DRIVE, SUITE 113, RALEIGH, NC 27607
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  • Nursing Care Services
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  • Occupational Therapy Services
  • Speech Pathology Services
  • Medical Social Services
  • Home Health Aide Services
  • Hospice Services
  • Laboratory Services
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Helene Headington

Submitted on Mar 21, 2018

Great experience here! Staff are all professional and just extremely nice. They took my health seriously and didn't rush me out. I felt confident that I was getting the best treatment available.

giraffe gaff

Submitted on Jan 9, 2018

My dad was taken to the Rex ER from an ambulance, he crashed his car into a hydrant. When arriving to the hospital, my sister found my dad leaning over the side of his bed almost ready to fall out. He hadn't been seen yet by anyone. He had an oozing head wound and was bruised up. He wasn't seen by the physician for another hour and subsequent CT scan and x-ray took another hour. They hadn't bothered cleaning his head wound or monitoring his vitals during the visit. He was discharged with a head wound they told us to clean and bandage. The ER was virtually empty. My dad has good insurance I expected better.

L Ulmer

Submitted on Apr 6, 2018

From the first entry into the emergency room, I received professional care and attention. UNC REX HEALTHPLEX has always been my Hospital of choice. I will recommend it to all members of my family and friends. Thanks UNC REX for being there for me today.

Mark Pinault

Submitted on Mar 26, 2018

This was by far the worst experience I've ever had. I went in with a fever (~101.5) and very serious pain near my heart (angina) that ran down my left arm. They did quickly get an EKG in which was the only good thing they did. Beyond that, I was brought into the room where I stayed for 5 hours in agony. I had a panic attack that was so serious it was causing me to become numb in my fingers and tingling my whole body. I also brought all of my medicine bottles, which, they never asked to see at all. This was important because I have a serious back condition; one which was growing out of control relative to pain because of their beds. They told me I could not take my own pain medicine I have and they said they would give me some to alleviate the pain which, again, I have a serious spinal nerve compression that creates the move severe pain (having had dozens of surgeries). Then they told me I had to choose between anxiety relief and pain relief (first time I've ever been told I have to choose and I've been in this situation several times in other hospitals). Again, not asking to see my medicine bottles, they administered a dose that is 1/8th of the dose I would normally take for my back when the pain is much less severe - the dose someone who takes no pain medicine at all ever would have been given. How do you seriously treat someone regardless of the medicines they currently take? How do you make an informed decision without ever asking to see what you take for your conditions. I informed them not only did it not help, my anxiety is getting worse, my angina is worse, and I am basically at a full panic attack. They were going to send me to CT but I can't lay on my back without substantial medicine due to the pain I would experience laying flat (haven't been able to lie flat for 4 years). They said they would bring me back to the room and give me another dose of medicine for my back; this time they came in with medicine that was even less of a dose than the 1/8th my normal dose. I was very clear I have been on pain medicines and anxiety medicines for a decade and a half (though I stopped anxiety medicines 10 months ago). They then said they canceled the CT and said they weren't worried about the abscess on my tonsils (Myocarditis possibility) because I came up with flu positive. Then discharged me when my panic was resuming at full force (very severe angina, heart racing, sweating). I asked them very nicely to please consider a short supply of anything for anxiety because of how severe the angina was. They said, no, sorry. I have severe anxiety and this is the first time I've had to leave a hospital in a full blown panic attack. Absolutely worst hospital ever. They clearly stereotyped me as someone who came in for pain medicine and anxiety medicine, not ever having asked me for the pain medicine bottles to see I wasn't being dishonest, and they did not request from the MRI place the obvious evidence that would have shown how severe my back condition is. I could have just taken the needed medicine to deal with the excruciating pain from my own bottles but they refused to let me take my own medicine, which put me into "opiate sickness", again, while having a full blown panic attack. I am appalled by this visit and I hope no one ever goes there that has considerable pain or anxiety because, god forbid you have both, you will be given a choice of which to help and limited to an extremely small dose that is liable to not help you at all. Then you can expect to be discharged with little consideration to medicines you may need. I left in a panic attack with severe angina and no consideration to my condition. I know there's an opiate crisis happening, but stereotyping people together causes you to neglect severe conditions. Not even asking what medicines someone takes and treating people as if all people are the same is completely unprofessional. Making assumptions about people and letting them suffer because you have a haunch is hurtful and neglectful. Worst hospital I've ever been to.

Stephen Black

Submitted on Mar 15, 2018

Amazing experience! RN and support teams were top shelf, attentive, and compassionate. Facility was wonderful

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