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Skilled Nursing  |  7703 BRIARIDGE, SAN ANTONIO, TX 78230
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San Antonio Residence And Rehabilitation Center is a Skilled Nursing provider in San Antonio, TX. Please click below to get in touch with them.

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  • Physical Therapy Services
  • Occupational Therapy Services
  • Speech Pathology Services
  • Pharmacy Services
  • Podiatry Services
  • Dialysis Services
  • Ventilator Services
  • Alzheimers Services
  • Head Trauma Services
  • Hospice Services

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sabrina reyes

Submitted on Feb 18, 2018

If I could possibly give this place 0 stars, I would. My 95 grandmother had a weeklong stay here and what she had to endure was unacceptable. Everyday my aunt reminded the staff that they were to bathe her and change her. The staff ignored this and my grandma was not bathed for the full week she was there. She had a soiled diaper from the night and had fallen after no one came when she pressed the button. It was not documented that she fell . At night she receives melatonin and that wasn’t in the notes either. While I was visiting her, there were police investigating another payient’s death. He had been dead 2 hrs before anyone noticed. There was only 1 nurse on duty that night and she had to care for over 30 patients. If you have a choice, do not bring your loved ones here!

Kendra Clark

Submitted on Mar 3, 2018

The levels of incompetence at this facility I would like to say is unbelievable unfortunately it’s been my experience that this facility is on par with most in the San Antonio area. It can take hours for the staff to respond when patients call for help. The “on call” doctors can take hours to respond when paged. The low salt diet is about equivalent to the Dead Sea sodium levels. Their inability to properly keep up with patient medicines has undoubtedly led to more medical issues than patients checked in with. If I could give negative stars they would absolutely be buried in minuses. My mom was stuck here for a week hoping to get her into another facility that said would have her transferred within 24-48 hours. Rehab/Nutsing homes in this country are despicable and this one is just another example.

Magdalena Salinas

Submitted on Feb 1, 2018

If I could, I would make this a minus star. This place was horrible. We had my mother in there for rehabilitation therapy. Although the therapist were caring and considerate very supportive with the residence. The same cannot be said about the nursing staff. The techs would let calls stay on or come into the room and turn off the light. Then they would say I'll be right back and never return. The night time nurse I believe his name is Patrick said men weren't here to serve women. Women are here to serve men. When my mom asked for a Tylenol. He told her no it was bad for her kidneys. Hello the nephrologist instructed us to only let her have Tylenol. As this filters through the liver and not the kidneys. There was a tech who worked morning shift. She was wonderful. To bad there weren't many techs that acted as if they cared about their residences. If you have a loved one that needs care. Please don't place them at this facility.

Daniel Sherer

Submitted on Nov 30, 2017

Bright, clean and cheerful. I see other (unfavorable) reviews about slow call times and bad good. I can't speak to that, but the facility is so much nicer than the place my mother-in-law was in down in Victoria. This place is clean and well-lit. There is carpet on the floors, and that was clean too. The staff knew my MIL by name and knew what room she was in. The folks we spoke with each knew something specific about her and seemed genuine. Although it's probably not ideal, my MIL keeps some cash in her purse and nobody has been stealing from her. I will say we still write her name on her clothes and other belongings, but that is just a good idea as they help with laundry and it keeps things from getting lost. In addition to a long list of activities, this facility also has a staffed reception desk instead of just nurses' stations in the back of the building. Much better for security and to keep forgetful residents from walking off.

Matt Bain

Submitted on Dec 6, 2017

My name is Matt. I'm the new Administrator here at San Antonio Residence and Rehab. and I have read the posts. I look forward to working with my staff and the community here in San Antonio to address some of these negative comments. I also look forward to getting some positive comments up here as well. I think this facility has a lot to offer the residents of San Antonio, TX.

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