Sloan's Lake Rehabilitation Center

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Skilled Nursing  |  1601 NORTH LOWELL BOULEVARD, DENVER, CO 80204
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Sloan's Lake Rehabilitation Center is a Skilled Nursing provider in Denver, CO. Please click below to get in touch with them.

42 Certified Beds
Does Not Reside In A Hospital
DENVER, CO 80204

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Monty Trujillo

Submitted on Oct 9, 2017

My mother in law is currently in Sloans Lake rehab. It is very clean, the staff is very friendly and kind. The main person in charge of the kitchen Ana Torres is very commited to making the kinds of food that my mother in law likes. They go above and beyond in Sloans Lake. I would highly recommend them.

Adrianne Holbron

Submitted on Jul 17, 2017

Horrible experience... The SO called medical staff is comprised of a bunch of medical rejects. No identification on their persons, they administer pain meds in a cup, and not out of its original packaging. No gloves when giving shots... After staying in the facility for 2 days, we had to rush my son to the emergency room at St. Joseph to fix the medical problem the staffing created.. Insurance buracracy is what sent us to this place, never again. Warning to anyone seeking continued care, Sloans Lake ☠👎👎🚫☣ DON'T DO IT...

Denise Vigil

Submitted on May 21, 2017

There is a reason why the score is very low, could it be because maybe the uncleanliness of this place and the food is expired and they still serve it to the clients. They never fully clean the kitchen to a sanitary state and there are many cockroaches lurking and mice droppings. The people are rude in the H.R. Dept. and am positive they received their credentials from an elementary school.. her initials are J .M. And the main cook their Anna doesn't wash her hands or follow state requirements. The people are here are neglected so seek another facility other than this place. It may look nice inside but looks are very deceiving.

Nicole Santistevan

Submitted on Aug 23, 2016

My grandma was transferred here from another rehab that was just plain horrible. She just had spine surgery. They tortured my grandma, she couldn't even sit up. She had only been here for 3 days, and she's already sitting up and eating. They come when they're called. Such a big turn around from before. Thank you! You gave life back to my grandma.

beverly bona

Submitted on Feb 14, 2016

When i was in the hospital, it was decided that i would need to recover from my injury at a rehab facility. As i was trying to decide which one to go to, it was reported to me by patient services that SLOAN'S LAKE REHAB CENTER was a top rated facility. Soon after i arrived there i found out WHY it was top rated. Everything about the place was exactly that. I was quite amazed to find that literally every employee from housekeeping and maintenance to the top administrator was better than i could have imagined. Very friendly, professional, knowledgable, compassionate, and fun describes them all. The entire facility was very clean. As an RN of 41 years, i can attest to the fact that no hospital that i know of would fall under the above description. I wouldn't hesitate for a second to recommend this facility to anyone.

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