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Melissa Bloom

Submitted on Feb 2, 2018

First, let me qualify that this review is of the billing department and administration--not the therapists themselves. The therapists have been wonderful and do their jobs extremely well. That said, Solace's billing department has put my family through the ringer. When my son's insurance plan changed, they informed me that they would have to hold services in order to get a renewed authorization from the new insurance plan (same insurance provider, just a different plan). Through multiple phone calls and assurances, we were finally told that this authorization had been processed and my son could then start receiving the services he needed again. One month later, I got a letter from my insurance company denying all coverage for services. When I called Solace, they said they received authorization in writing from the insurance company and would get it resolved. When I called back to get confirmation that the issue was resolved, it took two weeks for someone from Solace to even return my call (and I left multiple messages). When Solace finally returned my call, they found that they had used the old policy to get the authorization and therefore never actually got authorization from the insurance. This meant they had to put ANOTHER hold on my son's services until the issue was resolved. I have been told that this will take weeks if it is resolved at all. What's more, they continue to put the blame on the insurance company. While both parties are likely at fault for the miscommunication, we as the clients are the ones that suffer. My son, who benefits from the services, can no longer receive them in a timely matter, while no adults are held accountable for their mistakes. While Solace has promised to take steps to resolve the issue, we feel extremely frustrated and have little faith in their ability to accurately process payments and claims. I feel terrible as a mother that I chose this company to start services with as it has caused my son to miss out on crucial early intervention services on multiple occasions. If you plan to use insurance to cover any therapy costs with Solace, please be prepared for the headache and heartache ahead.

Ana Gonzalez

Submitted on Jan 15, 2018

Amazing! Annie has been awesome with my daughter and the therapy has helped a lot. Since the beginning Solace has had great communication and made everything very easy.

Sheri Miller

Submitted on Jan 4, 2018

Very friendly therapists!!! Cassandra Openshaw (Occupational Therapist) and Rachel Gillett (Speech Therapist) have improved my 5 year old grandson in just a couple months. There’s still work to be done and I’m very positive they will continue to improve his speech and motor skills to a whole new level!!!

Shalese Sanchez

Submitted on Feb 16, 2018

Emily is our speech therapist and she is GREAT!!! Thank you for everything you've done for my daughter.

Bonnie Cullom

Submitted on Dec 15, 2017

We had a wonderful experience with our physical therapist Erin. She was very knowledgeable and encouraging to our son and we are incredibly impressed with the strength, skills, and confidence he has gained since working with her.