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  • Speech Pathology Services
  • Medical Social Services
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  • Hospice Services
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Kelli Morgan

Submitted on Mar 28, 2018

We love Solace! My son started therapy there August of 2017 for stroke recovery and was just starting chemo at the time. He has done so well with his therapists through solace. Christine R, our PT, is amazing and is always so patient and considerate with my son. She has helped him go from not even being able to get around on his own, to being able to crawl and using a gait trainer now! Our speech therapist, Rachel G, has been amazing at helping increase his speech rate and breath support as well as word processing activities. Our OT, Steven V, has been very helpful in finding resources to help with day to day activities as well as helping him learn to write his name again and increase his arm strength and dexterity on the affected side. Thank you for all you do!

Krista Petrey

Submitted on Mar 23, 2018

Our PT, Christine R., is a great teacher and has helped our daughter Elise learn how to walk when we were getting scared that she might not. Now my daughter runs, dances and is really growing into her own little person. Even her speech is flourishing and I feel a lot of that is because walking and physical activities are not as hard now with the help of her PT, she can now focus on things like her speech and learning. Christine is understanding, informative, knowledgeable, flexible and great with our daughters. I highly recommend.

Marielle Mckean

Submitted on Feb 23, 2018

I worked for this company for 1.5 years and thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere and people. The culture is positive, the office staff is supportive, the supervisors are accessible, and the patient assigning system is efficient. They have multiple opportunities to move up in the company. They encourage feedback. The reimbursement per visit is competitive. They have a car program that allows you to save on gas money and car wear and tear. I’d recommend this company!

Melissa Bloom

Submitted on Feb 2, 2018

First, let me qualify that this review is of the billing department and administration--not the therapists themselves. The therapists have been wonderful and do their jobs extremely well. That said, Solace's billing department has put my family through the ringer. When my son's insurance plan changed, they informed me that they would have to hold services in order to get a renewed authorization from the new insurance plan (same insurance provider, just a different plan). Through multiple phone calls and assurances, we were finally told that this authorization had been processed and my son could then start receiving the services he needed again. One month later, I got a letter from my insurance company denying all coverage for services. When I called Solace, they said they received authorization in writing from the insurance company and would get it resolved. When I called back to get confirmation that the issue was resolved, it took two weeks for someone from Solace to even return my call (and I left multiple messages). When Solace finally returned my call, they found that they had used the old policy to get the authorization and therefore never actually got authorization from the insurance. This meant they had to put ANOTHER hold on my son's services until the issue was resolved. I have been told that this will take weeks if it is resolved at all. What's more, they continue to put the blame on the insurance company. While both parties are likely at fault for the miscommunication, we as the clients are the ones that suffer. My son, who benefits from the services, can no longer receive them in a timely matter, while no adults are held accountable for their mistakes. While Solace has promised to take steps to resolve the issue, we feel extremely frustrated and have little faith in their ability to accurately process payments and claims. I feel terrible as a mother that I chose this company to start services with as it has caused my son to miss out on crucial early intervention services on multiple occasions. If you plan to use insurance to cover any therapy costs with Solace, please be prepared for the headache and heartache ahead.

Victoria Morse

Submitted on Feb 23, 2018

I attempted to work for this company as a therapist performing home visits part-time, in addition to my full time position as a school therapist. Upon interviewing, the company was well aware that I was working full time. I had attended a full day training session and was already scheduled to perform visits within a week, without being shown the complete documentation system. Upon the required shadowing of another therapist, I treated almost the entire duration of two sessions while that therapist ordered equipment for a family and rushed to get her documentation completed (side note: completely unethical for the patient). To my surprise, I was then verbally reprimanded, as well as asked to sign a piece of paper for not following protocol, which included not attending 2 full day training sessions (I have a full time job), feedback from the unprofessional therapist I shadowed, and not answering a phone call from a Solace employee (I was on a shadow visit at the exact same time of which the employee was aware of). You can imagine my surprise when the reprimand came after my terrible shadowing experience as well as some essentials that were not covered in the full day training I had attended. If the information can not be covered in one day, understandable, but do not schedule patients so quickly! I feel as if I was bullied, an experience I have never faced before, so I parted ways. As a professional therapist with close to ten years experience, I would not recommend this company if you are a therapist seeking employment in home health.

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