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Skilled Nursing  |  4904 WAR ADMIRAL DRIVE, INDIANAPOLIS, IN 46237
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Southpointe Healthcare Center is a Skilled Nursing provider in Indianapolis, IN. Please click below to get in touch with them.

80 Certified Beds
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  • Physical Therapy Services
  • Occupational Therapy Services
  • Speech Pathology Services
  • Pharmacy Services
  • Podiatry Services
  • Dialysis Services
  • Ventilator Services
  • Alzheimers Services
  • Head Trauma Services
  • Hospice Services

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Lana Powell

Submitted on Mar 16, 2018

My sister was a patient there the last week. I was so impressed with the entire facility and staff. The cleanliness of this facility was outstanding. The service and care they gave my sister was wonderful! Believe me we have seen some bad situations and finally I can say I could rest easy knowing she was being well taken care of and if the time comes that she needs more care I would be delighted to have her in their care again. Thank you Azra and the wonderful caretakers that took care of Sharon.

Lois Cooper

Submitted on Feb 16, 2018

I will give this place a big fat zero, my mom went in Thursday back in hospital Sunday fell 4 times because they didn't have time for her. Mom had a stroke and had issues walking and swallowing, she called the nurse several times on the weekend and no response until 1 1/2 hr later and found her on the floor, she is now in the hospital again. The nurse told us Mom would not be left alone and the CNA said she would come by to check on her every 15 mins when Mom was in her room. Went in Sunday to have breakfast with Mom and they had her sitting at a table unattended, knowing she has swallowing issues the nurse gave Mom her pills and it states on her chart crush pills and add into applesauce to make sure she swallows, we found her pills on her blouse and all the oatmeal and hot coffee on her lap. We told them several times not to serve her HOT COFFEE, her legs were burnt, and when I asked the nurse about the pills, she said "she was not responsible for making sure my Mom took her pills, and walked away. They should not be doing this kind of work, God gives us gifts/talents for a reason, if you misuse them, "Shame on you, what goes around comes around". God is watching you. I will add a picture of Mom's fall just to let you see this is not a good place to be especially on the weekends. During the week they have a great staff of Therapists men & women who are very compassionate and want to help my Mom to get well and back home to us. One nurse was very nice with long dark hair but she wasn't my Mom's nurse, Mom's nurse (Blonde with bad back) she also had one woman sitting up front in tan outfit that was disrespectful to everyone. Devil No Not Today!

steven johnston

Submitted on Sep 20, 2017

South point is the best. My chronic pain was well managed. Dr's Harrison. Dr. Al and all nurses and Therapists were the best. Good food EXCELLENT O.T. And P.T. Leslie does a wonderful job as therapy head . God bless Steve Johnston

Annette Johnson

Submitted on Dec 8, 2017

My Dad is currently in rehab, and our experience so far has been very upsetting. This facility is very under staffed and the aids or CNA are for the most part terrible at their job. We waited one day for at least an hour before anyone responded to his call light. We have seen no genuine concern from the staff for his comfort and well being. The nursing staff seems adequate but they can only do so much. We have seen many employees hiding out on their cell phones instead of doing their job. And the meals have been a problem, twice we have gone in Dad's room and his food tray is there untouched and cold all of his lights turned out. So I guess they just put down his tray and walk out the door with no concern if he eats or not. Frankly my dog has received better care when I have boarded her than this facility gives their residents and patients. Please dont take your loved one to this place, its awful.

Neva Garrett

Submitted on Jan 14, 2018

This place was HORRIBLE. I was so weak that I had trouble lifting the top off my my plate so they would bring my trays and leave. I couldn't hardly feed myself but they didn't care. Then I had one CNA that stole a couple of my meals. I would beg to have a shower sometimes it would be 5 days without one even though head of nursing promised I would get one every other day. My wound vac was supposed to be changed 3x's week I would have to beg for it to be changed. They didn't know how to follow doctors orders I had to challenge them about 1 of my antibiotics because they stopped it with no orders to stop it. When I was discharged I left without most of my clothes because they couldn't find them. A nurse promised she would bring them to me but it never happened so ive called 4x and they refuse to return phone calls. A nurse got fired for stealing meds while I was there. I would ask for my pain meds and alot of the time I was told I have to call the pharmacy your out. The one thing I was glad for was Andy my occupational therapist. The therapist is good they got me up where I was able to go home. I was there 23 days and 3 people died one right after another I know this because 2 of the people died in rooms right next to my room.PLEASE DON'T SEND YOU'RE LOVED ONES THERE

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