Sunrise Family Health Care

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Home Health  |  132 NORTH WILSON ROAD, COLUMBUS, OH 43204
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Services Provided

  • Nursing Care Services
  • Physical Therapy Services
  • Occupational Therapy Services
  • Speech Pathology Services
  • Medical Social Services
  • Home Health Aide Services
  • Hospice Services
  • Laboratory Services
  • Pharmacy Services

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Bobbie McWilliams

Submitted on Sep 30, 2017

This agency is completely unreliable. They do not call clients when their aide calls off for a shift or try to find a replacement. We have caught them in several lies as well. Wish their were better agencies out there for trusting loved ones with. Beware of this company.

Asha Hussein

Submitted on Dec 15, 2017

I worked there 8-years wonderful workplace. Wonderful office staff!!!

sean whittle

Submitted on Jul 7, 2017

My cousin worked there for a few months. She had to pay for CPR classes and they said they would just take it out of her check. Telling her every other week they'll give her the card with her next check. After she quit they told her she never paid for it. They always screwed with her checks. The place isn't ran well. They've been audited I don't how many times. She worked eight hour days seven days a week.

Abdi Hassan

Submitted on Jul 13, 2017

Best Healthcare just applied job online and fast response to my application. The online application was simple quick, staff so friendly, dedicated, hardworking and great customer service!! They're the highest paid agency with over time $16.5. They care plan, they care as their mission entails that was well suited for me and my family member. I will definitely recommend Sunrise to You..

Maryan Majendero

Submitted on Jan 8, 2018

I worked for this company 9 years and without any complaints. They pay well and focus on client health as the #1 priority.

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