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Swedish Covenant Hospital

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Services Provided

  • Physical Therapy Services
  • Occupational Therapy Services
  • Speech Pathology Services
  • Pharmacy Services
  • Podiatry Services
  • Dialysis Services
  • Ventilator Services
  • Alzheimers Services
  • Head Trauma Services
  • Hospice Services

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Tom Edwards

Submitted on Dec 3, 2017

The staff beyond rude. They are holding my daughter against her will and have for over 48 hours without seeing a doctor. The staff have threatened my daughter that if she didn't stop crying that they would never let her out. I have called and talked with a supervisor nurse Grace, who refused to give her last name, and I was treated rudely. I am attorney and will be filing suit. If you have had a similar experience with the hospital please contact me. I am attorney and plan to, enough people respond, file a class action suit against the hospital.

Sheilah Harris

Submitted on Nov 29, 2017

I had surgery and physical therapy at Swedish. The staff while I was in the hospital was good. The staff during my therapy in Anderson was the best. Physical and Occupational therapist are excellent. I had surgery at another hospital. I made that hospital transfer me to Swedish for therapy.

chasing viri

Submitted on Dec 20, 2017

Various times I have been to this Hospital for emergencies, and never in my life I have experienced with a rude (supposedly secretary or nurse) who goes by the name of MELISSA (refused to give her last name) such dreadful service. I own up to the mistake of tresspassing but only because I was terribly worried of my dad's condition and being with him for all my years I obviously know he would have wanted his daughter there and after being discharged he said "I was panicking since my family wasn't here". Also, she gave attitude to a minor. All we asked for was to see my dad and ask about him, and in return we received a threat with the people of security. She said we were too many and if we didn't leave in exactly 10 minutes she'll "need" to call the police. In the waiting room we had 6 people in fear of my father truly dying. He had a heart attack so the 6 people who were; my mom, my brother, his dad (my grandpa), my moms dad (other grandpa), grandma, and uncle. That's a very minimum number to this horrible scare. I hope they take this review in great notice for the staff at the Swedish hospital. These type of employees shouldn't be working in this prestigious hospital.

Carole Lavine

Submitted on Jan 7, 2018

Early in December 2016 my husband had the misfortune to need a blood test in the Galter Outpatient Center. The phlebotomist did not observe sterile technique causing him to develop a massive infection in his arm. We notified the lab, even providing them with photos of his arm. He was told someone would contact him.. We are still waiting. He will never again get a blood test there,

ayodele queen

Submitted on Nov 26, 2017

I was there for my growth ultrasound. the nurse was a student. minutes later some a lady came and they took hundreds of pictures. their was no communication and no explanation even though I was asking question. i didn't know what to do. I had to wait 2 weeks for my doctor to tell me about it. I'm scheduled to have my baby born there. after those terrible reviews I'm scared and I'm thinking about another hospital

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