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Skilled Nursing  |  4437 SOUTH CICERO, CHICAGO, IL 60632
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  • Physical Therapy Services
  • Occupational Therapy Services
  • Speech Pathology Services
  • Pharmacy Services
  • Podiatry Services
  • Dialysis Services
  • Ventilator Services
  • Alzheimers Services
  • Head Trauma Services
  • Hospice Services

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Robert Myrick

Submitted on Feb 23, 2018

I've been here since 2016, its been a journey with my condition but I'm finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. My social Worker Jacqueline has worked pretty hard to find me a place to live after this recovery and now I'm almost on my own again. I'm going to miss everyone here at Midway but its time for me to go and do my own thing. Thank you to the Nurses and the therapy team who got me to walk again, and thank you to The director Edgar who was able to get all the paperwork I needed for my new place. God bless.

Shantel Edouard

Submitted on Feb 23, 2018

The unique thing of this facility is the friendly faces, you won’t find more cheerful people in ay other nursing home. And really, that’s what you want, your loved one to be helped by happy people. Peace of mind is what Midway gives me and that’s why I recommend them. 😊

Dominique Mcclain

Submitted on Mar 2, 2018

When I first heard that I was going to a nursing home because of the severity of my wound and its not safe for me to go home if you know me you know I was not a happy camper. Especially the horrible experience I had with another nursing home a month before. I must say though symphony at midway is an awesome nursing from my point of view I have been here almost four months now and I am very comfortable the staff here as a whole are a great diffention of a team player they do every thing they can do to make the residents here as comfortable as they would be at home they are attentive to each resident and has their own personal relationship with each residents and the wound team here oh my God I was told that I would have my wound for the rest of my life and when I came here I was in that mind set but let me tell you symphony at midway has the best wound care team in all of Illinois and yes I will argue my wound nurse Nicole is my hero and I tell her this every day because not only did she do a 360 on my wound but my HERO NICOLE is healing my wound yes I said healing my wound a wound that was once non healing so I think that deserves the title as being a hero and there is one more person at symphony at midway that does more and beyond he make it his business to make each and every resident in this nursing home is comfortable and have every thing that they need and if he can't get it right then and there he is going to make sure that you have it before the week is out there is so many people that is in need of things and not able to get them on their own Edger Mejia is the kind hearted person that will make sure you have it he is a awesome person with a big heart and I pray that God blesses him overall symphony at midway is a great nursing home and don't get me wrong you have your bad days to because it is not home and you do miss your love ones and wish that you can be around them every day but I be damn if symphony at midway doesn't make you as comfortable as being at home. If you looking for a place to send your love ones and you want them comfortable and around nurses and cna's that care symphony at mid way is the place to be

Monchoya Ramsey

Submitted on Jan 29, 2018

Better than any other Nursing home in Chicago and I've been to a few. No one wants to be in a nursing home but it is a NEED, I give Midway two thumbs up for the hard work the ladies put in day in and day out. Therapy is one of the best and wound care team takes care of business. Nurse Patty is the best, Stacy is an awesome CNA.

Maricruz Ocampo

Submitted on Jan 6, 2018

I was recently in a car accident that almost cost my life. After weeks at the Hospital I was informed that I would need therapy, something I wasn't really looking forward too. I found an incredible place called Symphony at Midway where not only did I recover but found incredible people I can call my friends. Everyone was so helpful and one of the great things is that they SPOKE SPANISH so my mom was always informed, the therapy Team and Nurses made my stay wonderful and now I'm walking towards a better life. Thank you to La Familia at Midway, I'll be back to visit soon. :-)

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