Temple Park Convalescent Hosp

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Skilled Nursing  |  2411 W. TEMPLE STREET, LOS ANGELES, CA 90026
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  • Physical Therapy Services
  • Occupational Therapy Services
  • Speech Pathology Services
  • Pharmacy Services
  • Podiatry Services
  • Dialysis Services
  • Ventilator Services
  • Alzheimers Services
  • Head Trauma Services
  • Hospice Services

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Percentage of short-stay residents who were successfully discharged to the community:

Percentage of short-stay residents who had an outpatient emergency department visit:

Percentage of long-stay residents experiencing one or more falls with major injury:

Percentage of long-stay residents who self-report moderate to severe pain:

Percentage of long-stay residents whose ability to move independently worsened:

Percentage of long-stay residents whose need for help with daily activities has increased:


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Terry Ruiz

Submitted on Apr 9, 2017

I want to thank Temple Park Convalescent Hospital from the heart for helping my friend Natasha Valdivia. She has done an amazing turnaround with her health issues. Each time I would go to visit her the nurses and staff there are very kind and helpful. I always noticed that everybody was smiling and very eager to be helpful. I noticed that her attitude & perspective for life has changed for the better. Also she has made a fantastic recovery she is motivated to be healthy. I believe that this was the best place for her recovery. Thank you for saving my friend. All your kindness & hospitality towards her recovery I believe made a difference. All of you are a "Amazing Team" 🤗🙏🏻👍🏼


Submitted on Oct 4, 2016

Well Im being told that staff is stealing everything I guess there is a mexican girl at the front desk who is stealing. They dont bathe the patients. And once again he continue to state that staff is stealing. Patients are not cleansed on a daily basis and once again he is telling me staff is stealing. As far the food its not healthy guess what again he says staff is stealing. He also states that they feed the patients upside down( his words: are they lay the patients at a 8- 2 legs at 2 and head at 8 position in other words they raise the legs above her head to where it seems the patient is full from eating) . He is stating also that he feels the patients are there to die because no one helps the patients. He also states people or staff is stealing. The front office girl he believe is stealing he states they stole her watch her phone her wheelchair he states he has to go to the front desk to ask why his client is not bathe or hasn't taken a bath since months prior to his arrival he is also stating that they refuse to wipe (clean) patient after the patient uses the bathroom. He also states he feel the staff there are using drug or in his words their high on a regular basis. He is also stating that they only change her diaper once a day. His patient he states is diabetic and there is no proper care for her he feels she is suffering. They refuse to walk the patients give the patients any view of outside life he is saying her diaper has stool that is hard and crusted that appears to be dates old. He once again says his patient is suffering. Unfortunately for him he feels that staff and employees at this center feel people are their because family no longer wants them and are not tended by thier family and staff recognize that so they let the patients die a slow and painful death. He feels he has no voice and feels she will only last a year in this faculity before she succumb to death due to poor treatment. Once again he state staff is stealing. His only proof is when he show up on whatever schedule he appears nothing is where it was prior to his previous visit whether its the wheelchair, currency her watch her phone and little items he know he placed with her prior to him leaving to return and nothing is there he has to search and seek and to his nonavail, they never recover the items that are lost and staff swear they dont have it and maybe the patient might have sold it which he says doesn't make since sense his patient is bed ridden and must be spoon fed on a muiltidaily basis. His request is he feels the State should investigate the Center practice to see if its on a State standard and if his findings are true he wishes for Temple Park Convalescent Hospital Center to become shuttered and if truly staff is stealing which he seriously believe, that they should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Rollins

tia beaming

Submitted on Sep 24, 2016

This place is the worst place i have ever had to wAlk into it smells very bad

Carlos Ernesto

Submitted on Aug 9, 2015

J Adrienne

Submitted on Oct 4, 2017

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