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Katrina Harper

Submitted on Mar 19, 2018

I worked at the concierge for 2yrs and it was my first nursing job. I love my coworkers and patients. I never had a problem with staff or family members. We had come in contact with different Administrators. Steve was an administrator for a few months and he was the best thing that happen to the concierge but he was worrying about the well being of the patients and staff to much so he was let go because its all about money nowadays. AV is now the Ed and he is bringing in money and he have his unprofessional, mean DoN Carolyn to do just about anything to get money in that building. I was one of the best there but i was let go because i spoke up for myself. CNA Olga was one of the great Cna forced to go Prn. Carolyn have fired over 10 people since she walked in the door for the silliest things. Well let me tell you how my termination went, called in office with Don, Adon, and Ed. Carolyn said i fill like me and katrina cant work together so i want her gone. Look what the former pastor Av said, why you need me, do what you have to do. I was shock that this was coming from a man of God supposedly. I tried to explain i was being terminate for absolutely no reason. Well actually i was fired for something we all teach our kids everyday, to stand up for whats right and always speak up for yourself. The moral there is horrible very great people work for the Concierge but its the Head thats tearing that place down. That place will never be a success because of the people who are put in place that clearly dont care for other human beings only money. I miss my coworkers and patients but i thank God for removing me from under them 2. As a nurse I've vowed to never work for people who only care about 💰. In nursing you have to care for your staff and you have to trust them. And them 2 ummm nevermind.

Vanessa Alexander

Submitted on Mar 2, 2018

The only way i can describe this place is to visualize a beautiful woman with a black eye. The Concierge is a lovely place but it leaves a lot to be desired. I was a patient there from September 2017 to February 2018 and my experience was not too good. It started out fine until i returned from the hospital one night and no one answered the door. The paramedics knocked and called but no one answreed. After about two hours I finally called the police. The officers knocked, called, and went around the building with flashlights. Finally when someone opened the door there were two CNA's watching tv laid out on the couch. No one said I'm sorry for the wait or anything. I told the A V about the incident and he did fire some people. The last time i returned from being in the jospital they moved my belongings to snother room without notifying me, either they stole, lost or threw away my personal items (face soap, tooth brush, tooth paste) along with my medical supplies that were prescribed for my use. I was very upset by this and it has left me with a bad feeling sbout that place. The therapy staff is okay but overworked and sometomes they forget to communicate with other staff. The kitchen staff needs to be fired slong with the nutritionist/dietician. The food is HORRIBLE. I had to send a bowl of grits nack three times, every time i had a sandwich the bread was hard and stale, the menu and knowledge of food is very limited; and why are you serving hard hot dogs, burritos snd enchiladas to elderly people who can barely get to the restroom or are bedridden. Except for about three, the CNA's, (especilaay the night and weekend staff) need to go back to school to learn manners, patience, proper patient care, and (don't take this the wrong way) English. The cleaning staff does half ass jobs cleaning your room even if you are sitting there watching them do a poor job. This place could easily be a five star facility, but right now they only warrant a two (that's being grnerous).

Matt Miller

Submitted on May 7, 2017

The staff is wonderful there. My mother would not be her today if were not for the care she had received at Concierge. BTW the staff is very Cultural Diverse despite what some punk has stated on here about not being hired thank goodness.

Joel Rey

Submitted on Nov 25, 2016

Whatever you do do not come and work here. The dietary department especially Linda Woltman is racist towards Hispanics & African Americans. She has a friend named Annie whose a close friend of hers. She gives her a lot of preferential treatment. Linda Woltman is one of the worst managers in dietary that I have encountered with. So if you're thinking of applying here for dietary don't.

Rabia Ali

Submitted on Jul 6, 2015

My mom had surgery so we felt that she would benefit by having 24 hour professional care. We arrived at the Concierge on a Friday. The shift was changing for the weekend shift. We had a bumpy start. The next day I spoke to Allen the appointed weekend director. Once we communicated our needs things began to change. The nurses were more responsive. Since my mom has a very restrictive diet due to food sensitivities she was eating rice and vegetables. On Monday I spoke to Frances, the official director and she created a menu for my mom which had more variety. This facility went above and beyond to cater to my mom's needs. The nurses and CNAs were very caring and showed a lot of kindness. It's also important to be realistic. The nurses have a lot on their plates so they sometimes have to be reminded more than once or twice about completing a task that is out of the ordinary. Communication is key. I highly suggest the Concierge to anyone looking for professional care for their loved ones.