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Wanda L

Submitted on Oct 29, 2017

I spent hours researching and reading reviews to find a reliable place to care for my aunt. We had a terrifying experience in 2016 at a facility that DID NOT care nor attend to my Aunt's medical needs. It was so frightening at that facility, I HAD to call 911 to have her rushed to The ER at St Luke's. The next day, we were informed that 14.5 oz of fluid had to be removed from her lungs. My 95 yr old Aunt had the same issues as Millie's. I coordinated with the hospital's case worker, who worked on my aunt's discharged to the skilled nursing facility at the Forum. The Forum provided transportation from the hospital to the skilled nursing facility. Dr to the RN'S, CNA's to the medication nurse's, the nutritionist and physical therapist's and the case worker, kept us closely informed and answered all of our questions. This place is absolutely AMAZING and I would recommend this place to anyone who wants the TLC for any of their loved ones! We love the Forum at Lincoln Heights!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! God Bless You ALL, YOU ARE ALL ANGELS!!!!

Hallie Lopez

Submitted on Jun 14, 2017

My dearly loved grandparents lived at the forum many years ago. It was fantastic. Close to family and non intrusive for the residents who are encouraged to be independent for as long as possible. I have visited several times in recent years to see friend of my mom and family and I'm always impressed by the genuine care and kindness of all staff. The residents are obviously very happy. The food is fabulous and this is a top notch home. I day home, rather than facility because that is how it feels. I just trust that the best care is here. And it's real. The staff are chosen carefully and it shows. Those lucky residents get respect. Knowledge. And people who have chosen to work in this field ( geriatric care). It makes a big difference and I highly recommend those looking for options for themselves or family to visit The Forum. There are many choices. There are many newer facilities. Here in San Antonio, new does not equal better. I have found an astonishingly pitiful lack of eye contact or personal attention when visiting other "high end" facilities... As if it's all business. Here's a hint to those places... Lives matter. Memories and people dreams matter. Listening matters. The Forum gets that and it makes all the difference in the quality of life you or your loved ones will experience. Choose love! ❤

Dana Stone

Submitted on Mar 8, 2017

Six years ago my Mom and I spent several days going to different retirement communities in and around San Antonio trying to find just the right place for her. After three days of visiting different locations, she and I both knew without a shadow of a doubt that The Forum was the right place for her. And for over six years now they have they have proved us right! It is evident in all they do that the staff at The Forum cares deeply for the residents that live there. We have seen them go above and beyond time and time again to provide incredible care and support to both the residents and their families. Knowing that my Mom is safe, loved and receiving excellent care each and every day is a gift that our family will never be able to adequately repay. We are so very thankful for such a remarkable place and are forever grateful to the dedicated staff that serves there.

Stuart McLennan

Submitted on Mar 7, 2017

If you’re looking for a first-class facility to care for a family member, and a professional, caring and attentive staff is important, then I recommend The Forum at Lincoln Heights. My mother has lived at The Forum since 2010; first in Independent Living, then Assisted Living and now Skilled Nursing. The facility, food and activities have been consistently excellent and the staff has always been professional, attentive and friendly. The staff’s actions the evening of February 20, 2017 however deserve special recognition and are the most recent example of their dedication to serving residents. A tornado struck that area of San Antonio that Sunday evening at about 10:30 pm. The night staff responded quickly and efficiently, as the entire staff was recalled, to calmly and effectively evacuate resident, many to safe areas within the facility. This task was especially difficult given the large number of older and infirmed residents and the time of night, especially on a weekend. The facility received moderate damage, the weather threat passed, and no residents were harmed. Clean-up and repairs began the next morning. I visited The Forum on March 6, 2017. Repairs continue but operations have returned to normal. It surprised me to learn that many residents, my mother included, still did not realize the extent of the danger or damage. I conveyed my thanks to Kristi Allen, Director of Community Relations, but words can not adequately express the gratitude my family and I have for the staff. This was, quite simply, another example of the excellence we’ve come to expect from the staff at The Forum at Lincoln Heights.

Millie Kela

Submitted on Feb 8, 2017

I just had my 73 yr old mother taken to the Forum for rehabilitation after an extended hospital stay and although we havent been here long, the welcome was outstanding and she is really happy with all areas if her care. Even though she is now on a heart healthy and diabetic diet, the food is amazing and the menu has a variety of choices. Her medical needs are being met very well and they jumped right in to begin rehabilitation immediately. They encourage her and make her feel like she is more of a friend than a patient. I had her at another facility that was so neglectful that they allowed a violent patient to enter my mom's room who verbally and almost physically assaulted her. Nobody would check on her even when she pushed her call button and because she couldnt go to the dining room to eat they fed her 1 1/2 hrs after everyone else was done and her food was cold and disgusting and they paid no mind to her diet. I am so grateful to the staff at the Forum for their care and dedication and I feel blessed and lucky to have found such outstanding care for my precious mother

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