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Skilled Nursing  |  2929 POST OAK BLVD, HOUSTON, TX 77056
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The Hampton At Post Oak is a Skilled Nursing provider in Houston, TX. Please click below to get in touch with them.

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Does Not Reside In A Hospital

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  • Physical Therapy Services
  • Occupational Therapy Services
  • Speech Pathology Services
  • Pharmacy Services
  • Podiatry Services
  • Dialysis Services
  • Ventilator Services
  • Alzheimers Services
  • Head Trauma Services
  • Hospice Services

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Steve Andriko

Submitted on Apr 20, 2018

I am a senior care professional who visits senior care communities daily during my course of business activity. I have visited Brookdale Galleria on several occasions for the past several years. I continue to be impressed with the charming can-do attitude of the associates at the community. The residents themselves also make every visit enjoyable with a welcoming spirit and happy attitude. I really enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of the entire environment. I must confess that I routinely encounter newer establishments that just do not measure up to the level of achievement demonstrated by this superb retirement community. I believe this genuine caring attitude begins at the top echelons of leadership in the building and caries down to all within including residents and associates. I am eager to continue to spread the good word regarding Brookdale Galleria

Judy S

Submitted on Apr 2, 2018

I noticed that the reviews of the Brookdale Galleria have either 1 or 5 stars and I think it totally depends on the part of this property you are reviewing. My mother recently moved into the independent portion of the property and it has a been a wonderful and positive experience for her. The staff is very interested in its residents and they have lots of activities planned for them. The food is really good and even the rest of the family enjoys eating here with our mother. It is very clean and the elevators all work regularly unlike other Brookdale properties where she has lived. Christina has been a joy to work with and has worked really hard to make my mom's transition to this property easy and stress free. I really can't think of anything they could have done better to welcome her and she loves her bright and spacious apartment! On the other hand, my dad lived in the rehab side of this property when he was alive after one of his hospital stays and I have to agree with the comments relating to that side of the business. It was a really bad experience for our family and our dad and judging from the reviews, not a lot has been done to address those issues. I would have given that part of the experience only one star as well. I don't know where the disconnect comes between the two sides of the same facility, but maybe it has to do with if you don't need care, all goes well and when you do need care, the quality of people they are able to hire is lacking or the quantity is not enough.

Bob W

Submitted on Mar 29, 2018

Terrible care in the nursing care facility. My mom left here in an ambulance due to the incompetent staff. She had to be taken to the emergency room with severe bleeding. This was due to negligence on the part of the staff who forgot to refill the water reservoir on her oxygen tank. Dry oxygen can be very dangerous for elderly patients. None of the nursing staff had even noticed she was covered in blood until my brother saw her during his visit. She had been bleeding for a long time. It was good thing my brother had visited because the staff was not paying attention. Followup: Don't believe their responses. "... your concerns have been reviewed...", "Brookdale is committed to...." While my mother was there her money was stolen from her wallet by a staff member while she was being transferred to a different room. We reported it. Nothing was done. They don't investigate. They didn't care. Two days after we reported the theft, they forgot to fill the water tank on the oxygen and my mother was found bleeding by my brother. I wish I knew what was going on before we brought my mom here. We moved her to a better facility. You should too.

Christina Jewett

Submitted on Feb 27, 2018

It has been a pleasure to come aboard the staff of Brookdale Galleria. Everyone is friendly and really cares about the happiness of the residents. SO many associates have been at this community for over 10 years, and are still so happy to be here! The sales team is beautiful and have a great knowledge about the community. Most importantly the residents are a delight and have the best time at all of the events! It is really something worth seeing for yourself!

Kimm Shafer

Submitted on Mar 26, 2018

My dad was at Brookdale for a little over a week after suffering two heart attacks. He needed therapy before he could return home. Everyone at Brookdale was very attentive, kind, and took care of everything my dad needed very quickly. He was sharing a bathroom with another man and there had been a mess made in the bathroom. I went to the nurse station immediately after it happened and they were already sending someone to clean it up before I asked. The facility was always extremely clean and my dad also thought the food was very good. It was a great experience and we are all very appreciative for his wonderful care.

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