The Rehabilitation Center At The Palazzo

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Skilled Nursing  |  6246 NORTH 19TH AVENUE, PHOENIX, AZ 85015
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The Rehabilitation Center At The Palazzo is a Skilled Nursing provider in Phoenix, AZ. Please click below to get in touch with them.

60 Certified Beds
Does Not Reside In A Hospital

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  • Physical Therapy Services
  • Occupational Therapy Services
  • Speech Pathology Services
  • Pharmacy Services
  • Podiatry Services
  • Dialysis Services
  • Ventilator Services
  • Alzheimers Services
  • Head Trauma Services
  • Hospice Services

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Jessie Gall

Submitted on Jan 20, 2018

Even though this assisted living community is old, it has its unique home like environment that attracts older people like me. I felt like I was at home and well taken care of. I was really impressed with the Assisted Living Administrator taking the time to come out and talk to me, which really showed me she cared about her residents. Also the nurse Stacey explained to me the symptoms of dementia and what to expect with a family member that has dementia. I toured when the food was being served and it smelled delicious. When my loved one has to make a change or is ready to, I will suggest this community.

k salomon

Submitted on Nov 23, 2017

Visited facility today with my 75 year-old cousin Carol. We had the pleasure of meeting with Ms. Diva. She spent a great deal of time with my cousin to assess her true needs as far as her care level and answered her many questions. And most importantly, she took the time to make Carol feel welcome at there facility. Ms. Diva took us on a tour of the apartment options available for assisted living and of the entire facility. I was pleased that during our tour many of the residents stopped us and asked if Carol was moving in...they also told Carol that she would love living at Palazzo. The grounds have beautiful green grass and many areas to sit and enjoy the weather and chat with other residence. While we were there they were having an ice cream social for a departing staff member with many of the residence in attendance. Thanks Ms. Diva for all your help you are a wonderful asset for The Palazzo and a superstar according to Carol! I personally hope Carol will be making the decision that The Palazzo is her new home.

Vicky Hauflàire

Submitted on Sep 24, 2017

My Mother has been living in the independent apartments at the Palazzo for the past seven months. Our experience with the people working there is outstanding. After my mother took a fall, they found me a wheel chair that I could use, till I could get one. Olga and Diva took time not only to help me get her into a rehab hospital, but supported me as I tried to assist in her recover. They were there to help every step of the way, anything information I needed they found a way to help me . I think that it is just as important to find a place that will support not only the resident but also the family. That is exactly what you will find when working with this facility. The food is really good and they have 3 different meal choices, and if you can't find anything you like you can also order off the back of the menu. I have never had a bad meal. Nacho makes it a mission to get the residence to come down for dinner, but he will bring them dinner if they decide not to. The apartments are larger then most, with everything you could need for safety already supplied. There are lots of activities scheduled daily and movies at night. . Everyone from cleaning and maintenance are there to assist residents and always with a smile. No matter how may times they have to fix the TV. For me I am so happy that Mom and I found the Palazzo, the people there are special. As with any business it is the people that make it great. So take the time to look at the facility, you will be happy you did. .

Silly Sally

Submitted on Apr 18, 2018

I will start of first by saying that its very disheartening to hear that people have there loved ones living in bed bug and disgusting conditions. A complaint has been made to the health department abd also to the EEOC .The head housekeeping supervisor Sarah Anderson contracted scabies from this facility which is still a problem employees have continued to get it on numerous occasions the other reviews aboit Tje owner Jack being a racist along with Sarah are true as well tgats why an EEOC complaint was made 30 days ago 2 black employees are not allowed to walk together facts unsupported write up documintation. So the cultural activist has been contacted to review the fact the owner has faced diversity as being part of the LGBT community he is a coward who wont even take charge on the treatment of residence in the care at the facility or employees.

Karla Martin

Submitted on Mar 11, 2018

DO NOT USE THIS FACILITY. I seen first hand at this place they do not care. I took care of a genrelman. I was hired by the family. Thank God. First you can never find a CNA or nurse to help when needed. Dont push the emergency button cause they'll never come. They are rude.gossipers and clicks. I was appalled at this place they way they neglect people. Especially at dinner time they put them in dining room an hour before a meal served and those poor people sit there at table wondering when there food will get there. I'm not talking g about the assisted living. Talking about the other side in rehab and memory care. 2nd floor. Not sure how other floors are but 2nd is the worst. I'm sickened how they are there and don't do anything about it to change it. I told one of the nurses that they didn't care after I needed a nurse to help me with a dire situation with the man I was hired to care for thru the family. She got mad called the family and had me fired. I was not even an employee and deadra told family not to let me back. Unbeleivable. I guess they didn't like hearing the truth. I believe medication nurse takes the patients opiates. I could go on and on. I wouldn't even leave my cat there. Its not fair I speak for other floors as I m sure there are excellent caregivers. But do not go to second floor.

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