The Vosswood Nursing Center

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Skilled Nursing  |  815 S VOSS RD, HOUSTON, TX 77057
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  • Physical Therapy Services
  • Occupational Therapy Services
  • Speech Pathology Services
  • Pharmacy Services
  • Podiatry Services
  • Dialysis Services
  • Ventilator Services
  • Alzheimers Services
  • Head Trauma Services
  • Hospice Services

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Are you looking for short-term rehab care or a long-term stay?

Percentage of short-stay residents who made improvements in function:

Percentage of short-stay residents who were rehospitalized after a nursing home admission:

Percentage of short-stay residents who were successfully discharged to the community:

Percentage of short-stay residents who had an outpatient emergency department visit:

Percentage of long-stay residents experiencing one or more falls with major injury:
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Percentage of long-stay residents who self-report moderate to severe pain:

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Percentage of long-stay residents whose ability to move independently worsened:

Percentage of long-stay residents whose need for help with daily activities has increased:


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Carry Wolfenberger

Submitted on Jan 23, 2018

My mom is recovering from a blood clot. I could not have made a better decision. They are truly a blessing. They have the best staff and are going above and beyond for all her needs. Exceptional in everything they do. I am writing this for anyone. That is in need for a very skilled nursing facility that truly loves their patients, most sincerely Carrie and Tom Wolfenberger.

Barbara Pardue

Submitted on Jan 2, 2018

My mom is in rehab at Vosswood after a recent hospital stay. The staff is 5 stars. (The reason for 4 stars is the post-Harvey restoration construction on 2 floors.) If you're looking for a nursing center for your loved one, at Vosswood you'll hear, "I've worked here 12 years", "9 years," "4 years." You want to have longterm staff and caregivers who look happy to see patients and hear them greet your relative with care --- even when they don't realize you're in the room. Vosswood is right on Buffalo Bayou so Harvey flooded the 1st and 2nd floors. It's under restoration construction and they have done well to make things work fine for residents. The best staff have stayed through the rebuild. They care about their patients. It shows when they come in early, work late, stay over, and still are helpful and cheerful even when we know they must be exhausted. They have daily activities and physical therapy is frequent and relevant for our Mom's needs. Every senior care place has issues. The main issue at most senior living and rehab places is a staff that is uncaring or apathetic. We have seen that before. For 3 weeks at Vosswood we've seen a qualified, giving, kind-hearted team of people who are there because they care and want to be there. The food? When we found a note on mom's dinner tray that she wrote to thank the kitchen staff for her delicious meal, we knew she was getting food that she liked. (It's not about what we like, it's what she likes and she eats all of it.) Is Vosswood in the best condition possible today? Not now because construction is still going on to renew the 1st and 2nd floors. There are big spaces available to visit on the first floor and the piano is still there as well. Special events are held there so parts of the 1st floor are usable at this time (Dec 2017). (Restoration is still happening all over Houston.) The patient floors and large rooms are fine even if a bit dated. Vosswood is in a great location, it's clean and best of all, has a fabulous staff. They deserve a raise and a big thank you from the owners because without the staff's 5-star performances, we may have looked at another senior care center for Mom. So glad we met & trusted the staff! Glad we went with A Place for Mom's and a friend's recommendation of Vosswood for Mom's nursing care rehab!

T Ram

Submitted on Feb 11, 2017

There are so many places worse than this place. The facility itself is nice. The location is very good. It is strictly a rehab facility and each individual gets their own private room. The staff is decent unlike other reviews report. They are not understaffed...I do wish they had more physical therapists. The food is below average and needs an upgrade. I would recommend this facility to folks looking to get their parent back functional.

Dana Terry

Submitted on Sep 16, 2017

Horrible bedside manners, don't check on the patients,and don't give them their meds,they don't tend to the patients like they supposed to,my Aunt was there and they didn't give her a bath or anything, just let her lay there every day,and they where supposed to be helping her to walk again and they weren't

Rosemary Narvaez

Submitted on Dec 8, 2017

People here is really rude, careless and mean to your love ones

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