University Place Nursing Center

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Skilled Nursing  |  7480 BEECHNUT, HOUSTON, TX 77074
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  • Physical Therapy Services
  • Occupational Therapy Services
  • Speech Pathology Services
  • Pharmacy Services
  • Podiatry Services
  • Dialysis Services
  • Ventilator Services
  • Alzheimers Services
  • Head Trauma Services
  • Hospice Services

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Clay Sheffield

Submitted on Feb 14, 2018

My father went into skilled nursing after a hip replacement. His care was great at first. The nurses and CNA's felt like family. My father was released and one week later he was back in the emergency room. He was released to University Place and things had changed. The State of Texas had come for an inspection that lasted about three days. Shortly after the inspection the facility no longer smelled clean. The stench of urine was down every hallway. Shortly afterwards I was introduced to a new social worker named Tiffany. I got notice that my father was well enough to be released (not). Two days later he became sepsis with e-coli in his urinary tract and was rushed to the emergency room and admitted to ICU for three days. There are a few I would trust with my father's life at this moment. Their names are Darilyn , Denique (Mickey), and Lillian (NP). The physical therapist Andre was also very caring and did everything he could for my father's care and trying to get his stay extended. Unfortunately, as wonderful as these folks were, higher ups generally do not allow workers to share the gift of compassion with family members. It is so important for that trait to be shared. I feel the state needs to hear of my family's experience with your facility so I will have to file a complaint.

Catherine dargin

Submitted on Apr 25, 2017

My sister is in this place and I must said I'm totally disappointed. My sister have had a stoke unable to walk or speak. Every time I go to this place I find that her diaper is on the floor. I ask my sister why and I understand from her signs she's able to tell me that she put her call light on and no one responds to her. Lets talk about trays . Each tray come with a ticket,explaining what's on the tray and the time. Well tray arrive at 5:45 pm for supper and tray still in the room at 8:15. When I take the tray out of room and try to hand it to staff member I'm directed to eating area out the tray up myself this as happen at least 3 time. How they come up with 5 star I don't know. I don't see it.

Lynae Novominsky

Submitted on Aug 8, 2016

My mother in law is currently in the skilled nursing portion of this facility. For the most part, we are happy with the staff (especially OT and PT); however, evenings and weekends NEED SOME HELP. If you have the same patient load during the evening as the daytime, you shouldn't cut the staff in HALF (or more). When someone needs help turning over to become more comfortable, ALL nursing staff should be trained to do so (alone) or should not be on the night/weekend shift. When someone wants to get out of bed to go to the bathroom, it is inappropriate to tell them that unless they can walk, go in their diaper (and then not clean it up promptly!). The patients are there for help - hopefully to get better and return to their homes as quickly as possible, not to have staff ignore them just because it's night time.

John M.

Submitted on Feb 10, 2016

Don't let hospitals nor distance sway you. If you need a skilled nursing facility, thus should be at the top of your list.


Submitted on Dec 30, 2016

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