About Us

repisodic enables hospitals and their patients to find high-quality, personalized post-acute care by offering the most comprehensive picture of these providers available anywhere. Our platform connects post-acute care providers with discharging hospitals, patients and their families to coordinate care and improve outcomes.

Our Story

As veterans of the healthcare industry, we witnessed firsthand the many challenges that consumers and providers of healthcare face in the post-acute world. We understand that for many people, the real road to recovery, and the many challenges that come with it, starts after leaving the hospital. Post-acute care is one of the most important choices a patient can make post-discharge but often times it is also the most difficult. Navigating the labyrinth of post-acute care providers, understanding options and services, and truly finding the best personalized care is extremely challenging. This is what drove us to create repisodic. We empower and enable patients to choose the best possible post-acute care at the right place, time, and cost.