Amberwood Court Rehabilitation And Care Community

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Skilled Nursing  |  4686 EAST ASBURY CIRCLE, DENVER, CO 80222
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About Amberwood Court Rehabilitation And Care Community

Amberwood Court Rehabilitation And Care Community is a Skilled Nursing provider in Denver, CO. Please click below to get in touch with them.

75 Certified Beds
Does Not Reside In A Hospital
DENVER, CO 80222

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  • Physical Therapy Services
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  • Speech Pathology Services
  • Pharmacy Services
  • Podiatry Services
  • Dialysis Services
  • Ventilator Services
  • Alzheimers Services
  • Head Trauma Services
  • Hospice Services

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maite zamora

Submitted on Jan 19, 2018

I give them no star. I had to put 1. I have my family member go there. He was doing very good before he arrived there. As soon a s he got there he statred getting wrost. He was put in a room with someone else. He then go a bad infection that they knew he had when it started and never treated till it got to bad. He went to hospital and they aid he was not treated right with antibiotics for infection. The staff never called to tell us anything just to charge us . He was there for 12 days. He was in the most perfect state he could be and they made him sick. By there bad staff,drs,and it is the dirtiest place of all I've seen.If you love you loved one do not take them to Amberwood. They dont deserves the 5 stars they have. They need tp so a surprise visit to see how they really work. Some lady there has a dog and it is very dirty . She lets he bark and almost bit my son . She never said nothing. The staff cares more for that dog then there patients. My loved one was needing attention and was denied because the dog went missing. This place needs to get closed.

Melanie Catangay

Submitted on Nov 9, 2017

It's a hard decision to make when you're thinking about where to send your loved one. We were at an LTAC before which was terrible and had us really worried about our next decision. I will say that we are very pleased with the care that they are providing at Amberwood. The nurses and CNAs are wonderful. They've been very personable and kind. Theyre patient with us and spend a lot of time with my brother. When he had seizures last month, they were quick and treated him appropriately. The physical therapy director, Kelly, was also super helpful in getting him the right equipment he needs. The courtyard out back is nicely kept and we love the added touch of having Theo around some evenings ;) Thank you.

Kelsey Silipo

Submitted on Oct 17, 2017

Please do not send your loved one here. It is a horrible, depressing place with misinformed staff. This place will turn your terrible situation and make it even worse. Every time I went to visit, I had to get things for my father and his roommate myself because the staff wasn't doing it. They also told us they would call once they saw signs that my father was starting to pass so we could make sure to be there... Guess what? They didn't call. And to add to it all, they are heartless. 15 days after my father passed away, they had the nerve to serve us by their attorney for unpaid bills (which we had received 10 days prior). What kind of business doesn't give at least 30 days to pay a bill? This was AFTER they informed us several times that Medicaid would cover all costs... Wrong. And they had the nerve to SERVE us? Horrible horrible unethical place. PLEASE DO NOT SEND SOMEONE YOU CARE ABOUT HERE.

writer happy

Submitted on Feb 15, 2017

Horrific place. I went to see if it's someplace I wanted my mom to go live in and the first words out of Virginia's mouth was, "You're Korean or Japanese, right, so that's what your mom is?" First off, what does that have to do with anything, secondly, do you only segregate by race, and third, who are you to assume what I am?!?! I'm neither Korean or Japanese nor is my mother and when I asked Virginia why does it matter she couldn't come up with a good explanation for why she asked me the question. I think I know - segregation. Since when do we segregate people by race?! All the other nursing homes that I went to NEVER asked me such a question. They asked about her care and what she needed and when was she looking to come in. Save yourself some time and don't come here. **UPDATE** Called and spoke with the Director and told him all about Virginia and he was appalled by her questioning. He did state they have a high Korean population there at the facility but was very disappointed in the fact she never once asked the major questions that all the other nursing homes asked. 1) What was her diagnosis? 2) What type of care are you needing? 3) What are you expecting from us in terms of how you want us to help her? 4) Is she in need of PT/OT? 5) Does she want a private room or semi-private room? Never did Virginia ask these questions and he wasn't happy about it. I let him know I wouldn't put my mother in there nor would I recommend them to anyone. He completely understood and he wasn't happy at all with the service I received. I told him I don't care if there's a high population of Korean people in the facility. That's not a reason to assume someone's race, nor is it a reason to ask as I'm adopted and my mother looks nothing like me! You still should never assume someone's race and act like she did. I stand by my original impression on you shouldn't put your family member in this place at all. Stay far away!!

Michelle Ancell

Submitted on Jan 6, 2014

My Grandma has been at Amberwood Court for nearly a year now. Making the decision to place a loved one in a home is terrifying. Although I remained nervous for a while, I have grown to adore the staff and fellow residents at Amberwood. Not only do I believe that the staff takes good care of her, I believe they enjoy her and are her friends. I would recommend Amberwood to others.

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