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A Real Time View of Skilled Nursing Facility Availability


Health systems use Repisodic to view real time skilled nursing facility (SNF) availability directly in the EHR, giving them the ability to proactively manage the hospital discharge process and speed up patient care transitions.

The safe and efficient discharge of patients is a key part of managing length of stay at health systems. However the transition of patients from the hospital to the post-acute care setting is extremely challenging in the current environment. A big part of that challenge is the impact that COVID has had on the skilled nursing facility community. Staffing challenges and a wave of SNF ownership changes and closures has made it difficult for hospital case management staff to consistently find SNFs that are able to accept their patients.

By using technology to view the real-time status of whether a skilled nursing facility is accepting patients or not, case managers are able to save a tremendous amount of time in finding an appropriate SNF to send a patient referral too. It eliminates a lot of the manual back and forth between the SNFs and hospital case manager that can be so time-consuming with little value add for the patient.

We took a deep dive look at a 5-hospital health system that recently started using the Repisodic platform to view real-time SNF availability directly in their Epic EHR. We found that in less than a month of go-live the health system had visibility into what availability looks like for over 80% of the skilled nursing facilities in their referral catchment area. View or download the white paper below to see more insights.