The follow-up care that a patient receives after leaving the hospital is one of the most important decisions on the road to recovery.  It’s also a decision that is usually made with a limited amount of time and information.  With repisodic’s compare tools, we make it easy and efficient to search and compare nearly every type of follow-up healthcare provider in the country so that the process is as easy as possible.

Add Healthcare Providers to Compare from Search Listings

You can search for skilled nursing facilities, home health agencies and nursing homes by location or facility type.  From the search page, enter an address, city, zip code or state where you are looking for healthcare services.  This will generate a list of all the skilled nursing facilities, home health agencies and nursing homes in your provided location.
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You can view basic details about the healthcare providers on the search page and add the facilities that you are interested in to your compare list from here.

Add Healthcare Providers to Compare from Provider Pages

You can also choose to view more details about the healthcare provider on their main provider page and add them to your compare list from there.

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Create Personalized Comparison List

Once you’ve added all the healthcare providers that you are interested in, click on the shopping cart (Screen Shot 2017-10-16 at 2.33.28 PM )in the top right corner to review all the facilities that you have chosen to compare.  You can continue to add, remove or edit your compare facilities.  When you are ready to compare all the healthcare providers in your compare list, click the compare button to generate your personalized comparison list.

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The repisodic compare function will take you to a separate page where your chosen facilities will be compared in one easy to read view with the attributes that are most important.  Use this list as the foundation for discussing with your care coordinator or family which facility would be best to choose.

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repisodic gives patients the tools and information they need to find the best post-acute care following an injury, illness or hospitalization. Get started for free today.