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Learning to Embrace Innovation and Looking Towards the Future – Lessons from the ACMA National Conference


The 2022 American Case Management Association National Conference showed the resilience of the industry in the face of challenges and offered an optimistic look into the future of case management and care transitions.

There is no surprise that something new occurs every day in the healthcare industry. The way you react to those ever-changing ways can make or break your success for a better tomorrow. After attending the 2022 American Case Management Association (ACMA) National Conference, it’s clear the focus for the future is to move forward by embracing change and keeping an open mind to new ways of doing things.  The past 2 years of COVID have certainly put that into perspective and the attitude at the conference was one of adversity.

Withstanding adversity and embracing flexibility, not dwelling on the challenges of the past, is a good way to understand the mindset and future of where healthcare is heading. It’s obvious that the time for the case management industry to fully brace new technologies and new ways of doing things is here.

More than anything, the tone of attendees at the ACMA National Conference truly highlighted how the industry is moving forward after COVID in 5 key ways:

1. Forget the Past

2. Recognize Change and Identify the Disruption

3. Think Outside of the Box

4. Create and Innovative Solution

5. Focus on the Future

Telehealth, remote work and AI are all examples that demonstrate the pace of change happening in the case management and patient care transition space.  The excitement for these technologies was palpable at the conference.  Instead of thinking “well, we’ve always done it this way” or “this is too costly”, conference attendees were pushing for ways to stay creative and engaging leadership to allow their staff to try something new. “Collaboration leads to innovation” was a common refrain overheard in discussions throughout the conference. 

Healthcare has always been innovative but the pace of change, and adoption of new technologies, is happening now faster than ever before. How we communicate, how we provide value (to our patients and to the healthcare system), how we adapt to future innovations, and how we react to certain decisions and what we create will shape the future of healthcare, and the ACMA Conference made clear that case management is poised to play a big part of that future.