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repisodic is a health technology company that is dedicated to helping patients, families, and caregivers navigate post-acute care. repisodic's blog offers free and unbiased resources to help people navigate the complicated and often overwhelming process of post-hospital care selection. repisodic was created by experts in the healthcare and health technology field who had personal experience with the challenges of finding the best follow-up care for a loved one. Our free, accurate, and unbiased information makes complex health care decisions easy and straightforward for patients and families.

Many people require follow-up care after being discharged from the hospital. repisodic is excited to introduce our new feature that matches people to the best post-acute care options for themselve...

At repisodic, our motto is “ditch the list!” Our goal is to help hospitals transition from the static paper list of post-acute care options used at discharge to our dynamic, easy-to-us...

repisodic was recently accepted into the third class of the University City Science Center’s Digital Health Accelerator

repisodic gives patients the tools and information they need to find the best post-acute care following an injury, illness or hospitalization.

Welcome to the official repisodic blog.  We are excited to share our journey to transform the post-acute care industry with you.

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