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Healthcare, and nursing homes in particular, are plentiful in California. The healthcare industry is a significant and growing part of the state's economy. Healthcare related occupations, from pediatricians to nurses to home health aides, represent over seven percent of California's total employment. The state is well poised to take on the challenges facing its health care industry and the demand for a well-trained health care workforce as the population continues to grow. While there are many follow-up care providers to choose from in the state, finding the right one can be difficult with so many options. Our website makes it easy to find the best healthcare provider in California wherever you are.

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Key Statistics About California Long Term Care

20 Medicare certified facilities

$52,700 average reimbursement per patient for Long Term Care, 22% above the national average.

9,228 total users of a Long Term Care Hospital per year, 0% above the national average.

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