Camelback Post Acute And Rehabilitation

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Skilled Nursing  |  4635 NORTH 14TH STREET, PHOENIX, AZ 85014
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About Camelback Post Acute And Rehabilitation

Camelback Post Acute And Rehabilitation is a Skilled Nursing provider in Phoenix, AZ. Please click below to get in touch with them.

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  • Podiatry Services
  • Dialysis Services
  • Ventilator Services
  • Alzheimers Services
  • Head Trauma Services
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David Cagle

Submitted on Apr 18, 2018

I was a patient here, and the attention to detail in all areas of care is very good. I am admittedly a difficult patient, being stubborn, young, and impatient, yet they put up with me and work hard at keeping everyone here safe and well cared for. The statements of poor care in some reviews are incorrect and uninformed, it is easy for a family member of a patient to see negatives that are not present. The only time an appointment is ever missed is if the patient refuses the transport. They work very hard at keeping people from falling or otherwise getting hurt. I am long time chair bound, and they stop me from doing wheelies in my chair so i will not fall (again I am young and stubborn).

Sabrina Frederick

Submitted on Dec 11, 2017

Camelback rehab has stepped up their game! The team that they have currently are suburb! The care is on point, even though not all patients are the same. They have restructured to that need and demographic! Way to go guys! They handle even the must difficult case. I will continue to work and refer to them for my post acute needs! Go camelback! A+++

Dove Havier

Submitted on Apr 27, 2018

Do not go here or send a loved one here. The day staff is okay, but you still have your bad apples. Night staff is horrible and this place should be closed. I could mention tons of reasons why, but let's make sure to mention, my husband was sent here with a serious infection, that he had a pick line for antibiotics for 8 plus weeks. He was suppose to receive it at 8 pm, night shift. He got it the first 2 nights and the night staff decided to not give it to him for 5 nights straight, which almost killed him again, which got him back at hospital. I had to complain that he was not getting his life or death antibiotics, to this place, and threaten to tell the Dr or whoever, til he started getting it. Then they started to, but, as I said, it was too late and he was back in hospital. Fortunately he is now recovering in another skilled facility. The night staff picks up the phone and hangs it right up, most of the time on loved ones. Night after night. When they finally answer, maybe a hr later, and I'm not over exaggerating either, the various night staff nurses have serious attitudes about even transferring to my husband phone in room. Sometimes they just say they'll transfer, yet immediate put you on hold, instead of trying to transfer. One night my husband fell at night, right before dark, and he urined on himself, cause he can't walk. The night staff left him there, in that condition, all night, til day shift comes. Day shift says to him, sry, we can't do anything about night. You can hear other patients yelling help, from talking to your loved ones at night, because the staff refuses to answer the patient's call light. They would make my husband wait hours to get his prn meds, and say it's because they had other priorities. But, this was everynight. I actually was so scared for my husband that I emailed the director off of their website. The director only responded once saying that they are working on the problem. There's plenty other reasons I could mention, but what I said should be enough reason for you to be warned. I also see on their website that it appears they have 5 star ratings. Don't know how, and it says 3 stars here, but trust me, they are not even a 2 star. They almost killed my husband

Milani Buchanan

Submitted on Dec 11, 2017

Thank you for the great services for my family member! First time coming to camelback and using this resource. But man was it great, so friendly and efficient. My greatest thank you to that care staff. Thumbs way up. Loved the activities and the beautiful birdies they have!

Bob Merle F

Submitted on Dec 11, 2017

Thank you guys for your support! I enjoyed my stay, it was hard but you got me back were i need to be! Thank you thank you! Also the parting package was very useful.

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