To stand with our partners, particularly the case managers and social workers who are on the front lines of this pandemic and playing a vital role in managing the resources of our health care system, Repisodic is making our platform for post-acute care discharges free for all US health systems for the next 3 months.

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COVID-19 Post-Hospital Care Transitions

Hospital capacity is a key concern and ensuring that patients quickly transition out of the hospital to a high quality post-acute care provider to recover is increasingly important. The recent waiver of the three-day stay rule for receiving Medicare coverage of skilled nursing care further underscores the key role that care transitions will play in the coming weeks.

On top of this, access to patients in clinical settings and throughout care transitions is becoming more limited and we can expect more care interactions, when possible, to be conducted virtually. The government is actively encouraging this with newly expanded telehealth coverage and the waiver of certain HIPAA policies to streamline more virtual interactions.

Repisodic's Discharge Platform addresses key hospital needs at this critical time.

Post-Acute Care Provider Curation

Our national dataset of post-acute care providers can be searched and filtered by location, insurance and clinical services. Clinical service filters can be used to identify facilities offering the services needed for COVID-19 patient care transitions. Ventilators, ventilator weaning, and respiratory therapists are going to be in high demand over the coming weeks, and getting patients to post-acute care that offer these services is going to be a priority. Repisodic will help you and your patients quickly identify and evaluate these locations.

Virtual Patient Communication

Repisodic can help you minimize person to person contact with a suite of virtual patient communication and engagement tools that support care transitions. We have virtual profiles of every Medicare certified post-acute care provider that can be shared electronically with patients, families and caregivers. We also have educational videos and features that engage and guide patients throughout the care transition.

Realtime Referrals and Provider Communication

To streamline communication and data sharing between hospitals and post-acute care providers, Repisodic’s referral solution can be used to safely and securely send patient information across settings of care and chat in real-time with post-acute care providers about a patient's care transition. Faster and more efficient than faxes or phone calls, this feature can get your patients to next setting of care with the right information as quickly as possible.

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