Decatur Township Center

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Skilled Nursing  |  4851 TINCHER RD, INDIANAPOLIS, IN 46221
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About Decatur Township Center

Decatur Township Center is a Skilled Nursing provider in Indianapolis, IN. Please click below to get in touch with them.

88 Certified Beds
Does Not Reside In A Hospital

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  • Physical Therapy Services
  • Occupational Therapy Services
  • Speech Pathology Services
  • Pharmacy Services
  • Podiatry Services
  • Dialysis Services
  • Ventilator Services
  • Alzheimers Services
  • Head Trauma Services
  • Hospice Services

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Karen Dehoney

Submitted on Dec 19, 2017

My poor poor father has received the worse care. I go one time a wk. and 8 out of the 9 times i go. he hasn't been shaved..clothes and body dirty..Smelled like urine so bad last night the 18 th of Dec ..17 His meal was brought out and I have to ask this facility..( WOULD YOU FEED THIS TO YOUR LOVED ONE.????? ) pretty sure you would not...well I know you wouldn't. His teeth were taken or something. so can hardly understand a thing he says. I have ask that he get new teeth since the facility was responsible for the ones he had. That hasn't been addressed. I want to know how I get these things resolved. without involving the state in this..?????.

sharon grubbs

Submitted on Sep 14, 2016

Please don't pass this place up. Yes in may not be as update as some but there is lots of remodeling going on when it's finished it will look great it's already came along way. However when I was looking I was looking for how good the people would be to my Mom and they are great. One day my Mom really wasn't feeling well and would not eat a Nurse gave my Mom her own lunch from home. On my birthday she is upset not to have a card for me a caregiver went out and purchased a card for her to give me. When I pick her up she never leaves without a kiss and a hug from the caregivers. Has there been issues of course no one can care for our loved ones like we can however there have been very few and when there has been and you communicate with them about it they are quick to fix it. These are hard working people they spend hours upon hours with our family members. If you take the time to talk to them I think you will find that your loved ones will be happy there. It's not home but it is a good place to be.

Madison Nicole

Submitted on Dec 6, 2016

I don't know what all theses reviews are talking about. My Grandmother has worked here for 15 years and everyone in that place is the nicest I've seen. When my great grandmother stayed there, there was problems with bugs getting through the window but it was because she had it open, not because this place is nasty. I would recommend coming here.

ass hole

Submitted on Jan 3, 2017

The C.N.A.'s and some Nurses are what make this place run. The office people who make all the major decisions are the one's bringing it all down. If you want your loved one to eat prison food, lied to, have inadequate care depending on the people there, dirty, unethical, only seen as a number and a cash source, with no one caring except a select few. Than please send your loved one to the depths of hell early. Oh I'm sorry I meant Decatur Township Center.

Lori Froedge

Submitted on Aug 14, 2016

My mother was transferred to this nasty place on Friday worst mistake I ever made was to have her transferred from iu west hospital to here for rehab they was NOT compatible for her at all no wheelchair no walker bathroom was not made for a wide wheelchair she had to sit in urine for over 3 hrs while they had to search for bedside commode since she could not use the bathroom due to it being to small I had to leave to go get her own wheelchair and walker if I did not meet here there I have no clue what would of happened with that plus they was sooooo short staffed that there was one aide to take care of her and could not help her get dressed or anything very poorly taken care of plus bugs crawling on Wall and floor this facility needs condemned I was sooo upset and disgusted that I returned at 11:30 pm Friday night and packed all her things up and brought her home she will be going to another clean rehab on Monday so BEWARE of this nasty place I would not recommend my dog to this place

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