Repisodic Choice is the only free solution on the market for hospitals to achieve compliance with new CMS regulations.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) recently issued a final rule that revises hospital discharge planning requirements to empower patients to make more informed post-acute care decisions. The rule goes into effect on November 29, 2019.

What This Means for Hospitals

As mandated by the Improving Medicare Post-Acute Care Transformation Act of 2014 (IMPACT Act), hospitals are now required to assist patients in selecting a post-acute care provider by using and sharing data on quality measures and resource use measures.

This data must be relevant and applicable to the patient’s goals of care and treatment preferences.

How the IMPACT Act Affects Post-Acute Care Providers

New CMS Discharge Planning Rules Explained

Repisodic is the Best Solution to Ensure Compliance

Repisodic Choice is free, easy to use, and can get you compliant immediately. Our platform makes it easy to put together CMS-compliant lists of post-acute care providers that includes the most recent quality measures and resource use measures for patient review.

Our national database includes all managed care organization network information, relevant disclosures related to patient freedom of choice and can be customized to include requisite financial disclosures for hospital-associated post-acute providers.

Repisodic Choice Features Address Key Hospital Requirements

The hospital must share post-acute care data on quality measures and resource use measures with the patient and their caregivers.

Repisodic Choice post-acute care lists include patient relevant quality data that is seamlessly shared with patients and caregivers inside or outside of the hospital.

The hospital’s discharge plan must include a list of providers that are available to the patient, participate in the Medicare program, and meet the geographic needs of the patient.

Repisodic’s database includes all Medicare certified providers. Hospital users can quickly filter providers based on insurance, clinical services, and location to build a list customized for each patient.

The hospital must inform the patient of their freedom to choose among participating Medicare providers.

Repisodic Choice complies with Freedom of Choice guidelines and reminds the patient when the list is presented.

Hospitals must document how list of post-acute care providers and quality data was presented to the patient in the patient’s medical record.

Repisodic Choice's standard patient signature template is presented with each list and can be used to meet survey requirements.

Get Compliant Now

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A New Way to Engage Patients at Discharge

Repisodic Choice is easy to implement and can be launched at your hospital in under a week.
Our platform is used at leading health systems and offers great features, including those detailed below.

Eliminate Discharge Delays

Add efficiencies across the discharge workflow by helping patients and caregivers make better decisions faster, and reduce many tedious social worker tasks which frees their time to have high value discussions with patients.

Communicate in Real Time

Easily optimize the discharge and referral process by communication with post-acute care liaisons using Repisodic's chat tools.

Highlight Your Preferred Network

Showcase your preferred network of high-quality post-acute care providers to patients in a patient choice compliant way. If your hospital doesn't have a preferred network, Repisodic can help you build one based on referrals and patient outcomes.

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