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85% of patients have at least one other higher quality post-acute care provider nearby than the one they ultimately select

Informed post-acute care choices lead to more efficient discharges, more satisfied patients, and fewer complications or readmissions--all of which result in quantifiable savings in value based health care models.

Introducing repisodic Choice

repisodic is revolutionizing the post-acute care selection and transition process. Our hospital solution, repisodic Choice, helps case managers guide patients through informed care decisions and provides hospitals with dynamic post-acute care provider networks that are tailored to each patient’s unique personal and medical needs. We are already working with major health systems on the east coast and have demonstrated value in the following areas :

  • Significantly Reduce Length of Stay: Add efficiencies across the discharge workflow by helping patients and caregivers make better decisions faster, and reduce many tedious social worker tasks which frees their time to have high value discussions with patients.
  • Modernize Patient Communication: Ditch the paper list and seamlessly send post-acute care facility information to patients and caregivers and receive their preferences, whether inside or outside the hospital.
  • Post-Acute Care Data Analytics: Improve discharge outcomes by leveraging data insights.
  • Patient Choice Regulatory Compliance: Guide patients and caregivers to choose high-quality post-acute care without violating patient choice provisions.
  • IMPACT Act Compliance: repisodic will keep you compliant with the new discharge planning requirements that are part of the Improving Medicare Post-Acute Care Transformation Act of 2014.

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