For Hospitals and Health Systems

Informed post-acute care choices lead to more efficient discharges, more satisfied patients, and fewer complications or readmissions--all of which result in lower healthcare costs

Download or order our patient information sheets: Our goal is to replace the basic paper list of post-acute care that many patients get at discharge with a simple, easy to use solution that guides patients to choose the most optimal post-acute care provider.

repisodic Choice

Our solution for care transitions and patient case management:

  • Patient Choice Regulatory Compliance: Guide patients and caregivers to choose high-quality post-acute care without violating patient choice provisions.
  • Customize Patient Communication: Seamlessly transfer post-acute care facility information to patients and caregivers with custom branded solutions.
  • Post-Acute Care Data Analytics: Improve discharge outcomes by leveraging data insights.

For Post-Acute Care Providers

Post-acute care providers play one of the most important roles in the patient recovery process. Better manage patients across the care continuum through improved outreach and care coordination.

repisodic Referral

Our solution for nursing homes, skilled nursing facilities and home health care agencies:

  • Manage patient referrals: Increase the quality and speed of patient referrals and placements
  • Promote your business: Claim and customize business pages at no cost to share detailed facility information, such as specialties and the list of insurance networks your facility participates in.
  • Coordinate patient care: Connect directly with patients and their healthcare providers to improve care coordination.

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