Harcourt Terrace Nursing And Rehabilitation

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Skilled Nursing  |  8181 HARCOURT RD, INDIANAPOLIS, IN 46260
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About Harcourt Terrace Nursing And Rehabilitation

Harcourt Terrace Nursing And Rehabilitation is a Skilled Nursing provider in Indianapolis, IN. Please click below to get in touch with them.

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  • Physical Therapy Services
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  • Speech Pathology Services
  • Pharmacy Services
  • Podiatry Services
  • Dialysis Services
  • Ventilator Services
  • Alzheimers Services
  • Head Trauma Services
  • Hospice Services

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Steve Thompson

Submitted on Jun 27, 2017

Be careful if you pick this place! The place is filthy, and my family member's room mate was laying in her own feces and piss for a whole day! They were asked to assist the person on several occasions and declined to do so. Also, make sure you stay up to date with the medications they give out. They charged my family member almost $2,000 for medication that the insurance said they'd no longer pay on, and the idiots kept giving it to them without saying a word. They finally said they'd pay for it, but we've tried getting the paperwork from them for 2 months now, and they are dodging big time!

Reed Price

Submitted on Aug 6, 2016

My grandpa was at this facility for rehab and discharged to home recently. We were very happy with his care from the staff and they were able to answer all of our questions that we ever had throughout his stay there. When visiting my grandpa we always realized how quick the staff was to respond to the patients buzzers when they would go off. I accidentally set my grandpas buzzer off during the first few weeks he was there and the staff was in his room within thirty seconds. My family and I were very impressed and highly recommend this facility to others. We will definitely bring him back there if he has any further rehab needs!!

Brandy Lewis

Submitted on Apr 27, 2016

I cannot describe how wonderful this place is and how comfortable my loved one is with the staff. My family was very nervous about moving my grandmother into a home, but we cannot be more happy with the place we chose. Harcourt Terrace has gone above and beyond to make this experience a great one and I would be more than happy to live there when it comes my time. Thank you!


Submitted on Aug 2, 2016

I placed my mother here, unaware of the condition that would follow, The day we went the health Department was there and things was well with the office personnel. First day the food was Great I thought the reviews was a lie. We met with the staff and we all talked about the care and their expectations of us and of them. we ask for milk and banana each morning we would supply the rest each morning they would send AWFUL OATMEAL, or rubbery eggs, 1 meal with noodles and bratwurst the noddle's was swimming in grease and I couldn't cut the brat with a knife, the salad was soft and mushy with dressing. Why are you feeding your residents like this, The dietician should be made to eat 3 days of meal that his staff serve the resident's. we have seen the employees order out and the resident's order pizza,(the food is too bad to eat). We was having to bring lunch or dinner to ensure she had a decent meal and on most evening a Milkshake to fill her stomach so she won't get hungry be prepared to spend $5-10 a day for short rehab. we should bill you for reimbursement of the meals, Then once the staff found out we was removing her they bought her 1 evening snack . 2nd day there was snack bowls with fruit and graham cracker sitting in various places the nursing advise us they was for the residents all a show for the Health inspector . We had to make threats of sign her out to take her home to give her a shower, the LPN told us to our face she didn't need her medicine on the weekend. The orders on her medication is every day.1 DAY I sat in my mother's room for several hours with the doors close NO-ONE came in to see if she was okay, laying in the floor, if she needed anything, just to check on her Nothing ! We have heard the room signals just buzz and the staff is sitting @ the desk talking, Don't be fooled by the first set of room 1-10, take a tour on both wings and see and smell the rooms, Sometimes situations in life require you to be in a situation were you have to use this place.. always go 3 x times a day, have a back-up crew to make visit also other watchful eyes, They will be hungry the food is not worthy of feeding a dog it's last supper, Cobb salad on a Hot plate, Gravy on everything everyday, Broccoli cooked until it's BROWN, A simple menu of everyday food would be fine. We gave them 3 day notices we would be removing her the place. No one helped her pack her things, the social worker didn't have any of the paperwork ready or her medications as promise, Come on Harcourt Terrace caregiver your resident should be treated with a better respect with CARE, RESPECT,HUMILITY one day you will be in the same situation. Maybe they don't have a choice or a voice for them self but don't treat them so bad. The insurance company should be notified of your care level and stop paying the bills and see how much you will care for your resident change when the paycheck stop. Kudos the physical therapy staff and the ladies with activities' with them trying to keep your residents happy. I HOPE if you use this place please do you homework and go the extra mile to take care of your family member while a resident at this place.

Sierra Dobbins

Submitted on Apr 25, 2016

WORST PLACE EVER!!! They disrespect your loved ones by verbally mistreating them, not giving them there medications, and being rude. They practically feed them dog food, expect to spent 50$ every week for your loved one. Also very disrespectful to you as well about your questions and concerns! They DO NOT care for the residents and would rather socialize then attend to their residents needs. These are elderly people we are talking about here! They refused to bathe my grandma on several occasions and forgot to give her, her meds THE WHOLE REASON SHE IS THERE! They refused to do anything about the ants that were everywhere in her room and BED !!! I did there job for them for almost 3 weeks straight with a 4 week old baby. DO NOT SEND YOUR FAMILY HERE! Please. They have bath tubs in every room HOW UNSANITARY that do not work. I could not believe the sight! Glad she is out! Calling the Board of health and corporate as we speak!!!

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