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Skilled Nursing  |  8902 WEST RD, HOUSTON, TX 77064
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About Legend Oaks Healthcare And Rehabilitation Center -

Legend Oaks Healthcare And Rehabilitation Center - is a Skilled Nursing provider in Houston, TX. Please click below to get in touch with them.

125 Certified Beds
Does Not Reside In A Hospital
8902 WEST RD

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  • Physical Therapy Services
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  • Pharmacy Services
  • Podiatry Services
  • Dialysis Services
  • Ventilator Services
  • Alzheimers Services
  • Head Trauma Services
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Mary C Williams

Submitted on Jun 8, 2018

Just spent 14 days there some of the staff there are great others are rude and uncaring. The pt team is excellent. The food is horrible with very limited choices. Missed doses of meds orders not pulled up or checked .at times at you can not find any help no nurses lvns or cnas. I wouldn't go back or place a family member there

hao zhai

Submitted on Oct 5, 2017

My dad was here for short term care and the staffs were professional. When I came in for a tour, the social worker Mei was very nice and helpful and patient with my questions and concerns. I decided to choose this facility after talking to her. The admission officer Linda is also very considerate. My dad had good physical therapy with Alex and improves a lot within short time. Their shower service is great, the nurses are very professional, Salute to those CNA who are working hard to take cared so many patients. I was there helping with my dad and would definitely recommend this place to anyone who would also love and care their senior family members

Mable Zapata Butler

Submitted on Mar 1, 2018

My husband was there Dec. 22 to Feb. 6. On Jan 17th during a bad ice storm, the director, Landon Welch tried to kick me out by putting another patient in my husband's room. There were plenty of empty rooms available in the facility. My husband is quadriplegic and we were spending each night with him, to feed him and go get nurses as they would not respond to the call light. He then lied to me and said he had come to his room and offered my husband water. I was there and he did not come in to his room. I told him the night my husband started vomiting thank God my son was there because no nurses around and he could have choked and died right then. He said we could pay them and we could stay. I was already paying them $822.50 a week.

Loren Mayden

Submitted on Jan 5, 2018

When calling for nurse's aid some times takes an hour for one to come

Deltra Thomas

Submitted on Apr 20, 2017

My mother is here and I am not impressed. Staff have to be asked to change, shower and clean her room. New management is not an improvement. Old beds with crank handles. No clean linen or even papertowels in the restrooms. I have yet to see the room cleaned and have watched the same debris on the floor for 2 weeks. I will bring cleaning products and sanitize and clean the room myself! Her hair needs shampooing and she has not had her teeth brushed. They do not get her out of bed unless it is requested. Have asked that she be dressed and taken out of the dreary room for sunlight and fresh air. The blinds are missing panels and people can see in the room from outside. This winter the air was turned on and the room felt like the artic because the nurse on duty at the time stated the air was not working in the hallway so they turned the room air on and left the patient's door open for circulation. My daughter visited and was there for 4 hours and NO one came into the room to check on my Mom. Staff is not cordial, are not compassionate and will pass the buck when asked for assistance. She is not on services or welfare, and pays out of pocket this is incompetent service. Legend Oaks is not a quality well organized or run facility. Unfortunately it is what my brother chose for my mother, but I am far from pleased. The state needs to address these matters.

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